Demonology Dodge vs. DMS Cadillac CTS-V Track Digs

March 13th, 2019

Greetings drag racing fans, to the Texas Motorplex and CTS-V Invitational. Question is: How’d this Mopar get in here?

There is no shortage of potent Cadillac sedans, coupes, and even wagons on-hand to try and claim the crown as top Caddy in the Lone Star State. Up until now, they have all been tested and come up short against the Demonology Dodge. All except one. The lone contender is a pearl white CTS-V Coupe, piloted by a little lady (named Beverly) who knows how to throw-down. Today she’ll get her chance to shut Demonology up, once and for all – in multiple passes on the drag strip.

After dispatching several other entrants, including a CTS-V Wagon, Demonology is licking his chops at the prospect of taking on Beverly in her Coupe. Not so fast D-Man! Beverly is packing a big punch with a ported Lingenfelter blower and E85 fuel. It also has bolt-ons and a performance tune by DMS (Dedicated Motorsports) of Weatherford, Texas. A 15-inch wheel kit with Weld Racing wheels and Mickey Thompson rubber round out the rear.

In the first pass, Beverly jumps on the Dodge like a tick on a June-bug and walks him all the long way home. Cadillac FTW! In the second (final) pass, Demonology takes the holeshot before Beverly drives around him through the trap. CTS-V wins them both!

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