World Record – 8-Second Charger SRT

June 15th, 2018

Greetings racing fans and welcome to sunny Palm Beach International Raceway. Today Dan with the Plan will attempt to pilot his 2007 Dodge Charger SRT (sedan) into the record books. On the line is the world record for fastest quarter-mile by a Dodge Charger with nitrous.

This particular Charger SRT is well heeled with a massive 440 cubic-inch HEMI engine. It is prepared by Gearhead Fabrications and Nitrous Outlet. The car is equipped with a Nitrous Outlet Direct Injection Nitrous Kit that bumps engine output up approximately 450hp. Shifting is handled via a TH400 automatic transmission and the car weighs in at about 3,750-pounds.

This video takes us back through a 3-year history of the car as Dan and the crew painstakingly work the bugs out. There is a record of the car’s first 9-second pass, first 8-second pass, and finally the car’s World Record pass of 8.880-seconds @ 151.63 mph. Congratulations, nice job guys.

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