7-Second Dodge Viper World Record Holder

July 4th, 2019

Bet you thought those Georgia rednecks from Vengeance Racing only wrenched on Chevy cars, huh? Well, get ready for an education.

This snake holds numerous world records; mostly in the Viper category, naturally. It is adequately equipped with a stock (8.4-liter) engine block that has been reinforced. Stock? Reinforced? Who knows what it all means to a world record holder – all I know is that reinforced don’t sound stock. Neither does “big internals” but that’s their biscuit. I’ll let ‘em butter it however they like.

Besides the built “stock” bottom end, there are a pair of massive turbochargers. I mean big. Garretts. 80-millimeter on the intake side and 97-millimeter on the exhaust side. These are some serious huffers.

The transmission is a TH400 automatic with a lockup converter from Pro Torque. Then there is the Pro EFI engine management that keeps all the ponies running in the same direction and a MoTec controller is being used to log data. Power is estimated at between 2,000 and 2,500.

These guys are still working the bugs out of this car. Campaigning in the Street Racer Class and running in the quarter-finals, this Dodge laid down a 7.63-second pass at 190 mph. He also won the King of the Bakery (roll racing) rounds with a top speed of 184.35 mph.

Finally, it’s the Street Racer Finals and we have the Viper going against a Nissan GT-R that he already spanked earlier in the weekend. As luck would have it, the Dodge busted the differential and had to limp back on the trailer. He’ll be back next week – even stronger.

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