K-Swapped AWD Ford Escort Crucifies Nissan GT-R – Drag Racing

November 17th, 2023

Looking similar to a pink pig, this Honda K-swapped Ford Escort is into killing the competition. Prior to posting any runs at Street Car Takeover Charlotte, this car had run a best of 10.2-seconds @ 141 mph in the quarter-mile. Without a roll cage and uncertain about future passes, the car is running in limbo somewhere between exhibition and test and tune when he puts up a 10.03 @ 140 mph and a 10.05 @ 140 mph. The car owner astutely climbs into the 10-0 bracket for the remainder of the event.

This Ford rides on an all-wheel drivetrain cobbled together from imports. Most of the major components – differentials, the transfer case and the transmission are pilfered from a Honda CR-V. The front spindles are taken from a Mazda 323. At any rate, this thing is rolling with four paw crawl.

Under the hood is a Honda 2.4-liter K24 inline four-cylinder engine with a Boost Lab 5757 billet turbocharger. Under 25 psi of boost, the Magenta (Sunrock Red, actually) Monster can make 571hp to the front wheels.

Today, this little Ford will be trying hard to run a 9-second quarter-mile and get itself disqualified from the show.

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