LS Swapped Nissan 240Sx vs. Nitrous Camaro – Drag Race

March 9th, 2023

One car looks like it was just hauled out of the junkyard, the other looks like it came from the showroom. Both cars are rear-wheel drive and both owners claim 700hp. Only one can be the winner and droves of drag racing fans have been awaiting the result. So, let’s get to it.

The Chevrolet (F-Body) Camaro has a 6.0-liter V8 truck motor with enough nitrous to float a barge. There are twin 200hp kits plus a fogger. That’s a lot of go-go juice. While the car owner is shifty with the details, he admits that the engine has been upgraded with a set of cylinder heads and some forged internals. With all that laughing gas, he’s gonna need it. The transmission is  a 2-speed Powerglide and the rear end is a Ford 9-inch by Moser. This thing sounds mean.

On the import side, is the luxurious (not) 1991 Nissan 240Sx with an LS 6.7-liter V8 swap. It has Frankenstein cylinder heads with modified turbo exhaust manifolds that dump in the front and an Edelbrock Victor, Jr. intake manifold. The bottom end has been fortified to accommodate the copious amounts of nitrous. Oh yeah, he’s running a 200hp direct injection of nitrous (at least). The automatic transmission is a GM TH400. Believe it or not, the (independent suspension) rear end is a stock S13 from an Infiniti (Nissan) Q45. The axles have been upgraded.

The first race is head-to-head to 500-feet. Looks like the Camaro got an early jump. I’ll let these guys sort out the details.