Fast Fred – 5-Second Chevrolet C10

August 15th, 2019

Meet Fast Fred (I personally like Five-Second Fred better, but I don’t get to pick the names). Fast Fred is from Stockholm, Sweden (not Alabama). He is campaigning the 1966 Chevrolet C10 pickup that his father used to pick him up from school. He bought the truck from Dad when he was nineteen and it has been an example in the evolution of speed ever since. Fred is quite a character and his truck is unforgettable.

Most of the patina on the truck exterior is man-made but it has been in a shop fire. Fred almost lost everything until the drag racing community came together. They helped him to rebuild his truck, his shop and even his hauler. Drag racers are a tight-knit bunch with a serious competitive nature and a ton of respect for one another.

Running in the ProMod Class, and using his third and final engine, Fred will attempt to post the first 5-Second quarter-mile pass of his career. In qualifying, he put up a 6.31-second pass @ 219.28 mph.

After a DQ in the next pass (for jumping the light), Fred posts a 6.06-second pass @ 232.54 mph. So close!

Wasn’t in the cards for Fred to get that 5-second pass in the U.S. There is bonus footage of an event a few weeks into the future when Fast Fred posts a 5.95-second pass @ 237.47 mph. Great job to Fast Fred and his crew!

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