Dodge Viper ACR Takes on Europe

October 19th, 2016

dodge-viper-acr-takes-on-europeGive me a minute race car enthusiasts; I am having a belly laugh at this British gentleman commentator. His accent tickles my ears and he just said that the Dodge Viper ACR may not be as “dynamically brilliant as some of the cars that come out of Germany” – what a hoot. The latest and greatest (and probably the last) Dodge Viper is purely and simply a race car, designed for speed no matter what the purpose. There may be a few very expensive rides (produced in Germany) that can stand toe-to-toe with this Viper but give me that good old American performance every time.

Sure, I can envision this beauty with a turbocharger (or two), a big intercooler, and a methanol injection system or how about a giant roots-type blower protruding through the hood – or heck, why not all of the above. This Snake has the potential to be a street killer with the tools to outrun any LEP cruiser that rolls on the scene.

Still, factory performance is a thing of beauty. Never mind the 8.4-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine that is capable of producing 645hp, Dodge SRT has also provided the Viper ACR with aerodynamic goodies that yield 1,700-pounds of downforce. Included are adjustable dampers, a functional rear splitter, and removable vents on the wings to help in pressure reduction. No need for aftermarket brakes, the Viper ACR comes with carbon fiber on all four corners.

You’ve got to see this test lap that leaves a Brit driver going from saying the Viper is “violent” and “an affront to the senses” to saying that this was the most intense drive of his life.

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