Cincy Street Nights – Twin Turbo V8 S10

May 23rd, 2019

This is the all-American story of two brothers and their souped-up Chevy S10 pickup truck. Like most Friday nights, these two guys are at Edgewater Sports Park in Cleves, Ohio for Cincy Street Nights. It’s really great to see a community that makes an investment in its young people by providing them an alternative to getting in trouble on the streets.

It’s the first weekend of racing for these ambitious young men and they have acquired a brand-new set of Mickey Thompson slicks for their No-Prep drag truck. Now, it’s off to the local auto repair shop (Lucore Automotive) for a quick front-wheel alignment – something just wasn’t feeling kosher. Sure enough, the shims had fallen out of the right, front, upper control arm leaving it flopping around like a fish outta’ water. The fine folks at Lucore got it fixed up and going straight down the track in no time.

At the dragstrip, there’s testing and tuning going on. Finally, we reach Round 1 and it’s the S10 versus a Chevy Monte Carlo that can throw those front tires way up in the air (like he just don’t care). S10 FTW.

This little truck hooks up clean and flies through the eighth-mile like a jet. Lots more No-Prep drag racing action on this one.

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