BMW 135i vs. Nissan GT-R

December 22nd, 2017

Who’d of thunk it? A stock motor BMW 135i (on street tires) spanking Godzilla in a 40 – 140 mph roll? Say it ain’t so.

Never say never – especially when you are talking about a BMW. This car is running a stock motor (158,000-miles) with stock injectors. It also has the stock transmission and rear differential and it’s running on street tires. The difference maker is a Precision 6266 turbocharger (max boost) and a methanol injection kit. The car is capable of producing 800hp.

Today the BMW is rolling against a Nissan GT-R with a built motor and stock turbos (2). Horsepower is estimated at 700hp.

These two cars line up and the BMW leaps out in front at the start. Can he maintain his early lead and bring home the prize? Check it out for yourself. It’s an awesome race.

In a bonus race, we have a Dodge Charger Hellcat with upgraded upper and lower pulleys, 1,300cc fuel injectors, and an upgraded intake manifold. He is claiming 800hp. He’s taking on a freshly built Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX with a built 2.0-liter engine and a Precision 7685 turbo. When these two lock horns; it’s anybody’s race.

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