800HP Toyota Supra vs Porsche GT2RS and GT3RS

April 16th, 2021

This video takes us from the shop – where we learn how to build a beast of a Toyota Supra – to the dyno to Apex Motor Club for some track time against a couple of rowdy Porsche owners. Hang on to your coat tails ladies, this one is gonna get wild!

The Toyota Supra (made by BMW) is an adequate piece of performance machinery from the factory. Trouble is that adequate just don’t blow the whistle for the typical gearhead. Enter Pure Turbo. They make an OEM style true bolt-on turbocharger upgrade that is worth its weight in gold. It utilizes the factory turbo housing and pumps a ton more air into the engine.

In addition to the Pure Turbo 800 upgrade, the Supra has also been modified with a Titan Motorsports methanol injection kit. This kit uses a combination of water and methanol to cool intake air making it denser. The exhaust has been upgraded with an ARMYTRIX ceramic coated high-flow performance race downpipe. The remainder of the exhaust is HKS. AMS Performance kicked in with an AMS carbon fiber intake manifold and an AMS carbon fiber engine cover. Performance tuning is handled with EcuTek programming software.

Other mods include a set of BBS LM wheels (20×10/20×11) in bronze and HKS HM touring height adjustable coilover springs on all four corners.

Buckle up and let’s take this show on the road.