Street Stampede – Chevy S10 vs Toyota Supra

October 13th, 2016

street-stampede-chevy-s10-vs-toyota-supraWhat do a mid-size Chevy SUV and a compact Toyota sports coupe have in common? Not much unless you’re talking about the massive amount of forced air induction found under the hoods of these two street brawlers.

The Supra is a 1995 model with a Real Street built 3.0-liter engine (Manley parts). It has a Hypertune Racing intake manifold with a 90-millimeter throttle body, 2200cc Siemens injectors, and a PHR Triple Walbro fuel pump setup. A Precision GT 42 7675 turbocharger force feeds the engine copious amounts of air and everything is controlled using an AEM V2 controller. A PHR S45 Billet Collector exhaust manifold helps to remove spent exhaust gases.

The ‘80s S10 Blazer no longer suffers under the strain of an impotent 6-cylinder boat anchor; it now has a built 5.3-liter LS engine and a massive 94-millimeter turbocharger. A Powerglide transmission backs up the big V8 and the entire package has been reduced to a gross vehicle weight of 2,800-pounds. Let’s shake things up between these two and see what falls out!

Of course, we’ve seen this Toyota before. It is one tasty looking ride and it’s packing more than 1,250hp. The S10 ain’t really much to look at, but that don’t matter, if he’s got the right stuff where it counts. On the streets of Ol’ Mexico, these two pavement-pounders throw down and you just may be surprised. Have a gander for yourself.

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