1500HP Supra Triplets – Street Hits

July 10th, 2020

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue! It seems fitting, that on Independence Day, we have red, white and blue Supras hitting the streets (of Mexico) to display their modification prowess. Prepared by DRAG International, these stunning imports are among some of the finest examples of top tier street machines anywhere.

All three cars are running (built) Toyota 2JZ inline 6-cylinder engines.

We didn’t get the vitals on the Red Supra but you can assume that they are similar to the White and Blue cars.

The White Supra is equipped with a Precision 8685 turbo and a 150hp shot of nitrous. On boost alone, this bad girl is making 1500whp – and it has ice cold a/c! It also has one of the best-looking interiors ever. Great ride.

The engine in the Blue Supra is a DRAG Int 3.0-liter SPEC block with Manley Turbo Tough connecting rods, billet main caps and Combustion Technologies (CT) pistons. The bottom end is assembled by Total Engine Concepts. The cylinder head is ported by Porting Solutions and has Titan Racing camshafts with a full Ferrea valvetrain. Forced air induction is provided by a Precision 8385 Streetfighter. Maximum output is estimated at 1,400whp.

You don’t want to miss it when these three beauties start to spool up on the streets.

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