1200HP Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Standing Half-Mile

October 5th, 2018

GAD Motors, a German firm, specializes in making Mercedes-Benz vehicles even more powerful than stock. From a ho-hum C-Series to an SLS AMG to a 6-wheeled GLK; GAD is on the case with everything from a few bolt-ons to a complete rebuild with power-adders.

This video features a pair of Mercedes vehicles that run the full spectrum of the lineup. There is a C-Series that (they say) resembles a German taxi and a SLS AMG with those gull-wing doors.

Both these vehicles have been outfitted with turbochargers, intercoolers, oversized fuel injectors, cold air intakes, custom exhaust headers, custom intake manifolds, and methanol injection systems. Both sound amazing and either one can accelerate from 0 to nearly 200 mph in the standing half-mile. Both cars also remain very streetable with working climate control, power steering, leather interior, power windows, full audio systems, and door locks.

RACE1000 is the backdrop. This is a standing half-mile course situated on a closed airstrip at Airport Magdeburg Cochstedt.

After watching the SLS AMG make 200 mph passes all day; our cameraman climbs into the passenger seat for a ride-along. He is overwhelmed by the size of the passenger compartment and the smoothness with which the car gathers speed. Take a look.

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