1100WHP Turbo Stroked Dodge Charger – Standing Half-Mile

September 8th, 2021

What, has this guy lost his mind? He put a manual transmission in this Dodge Charger sedan. As if that weren’t bad enough, he also threw a big turbo right out in the grille. It’s builds like this that keep things interesting. Come on and let’s have a closer look.

So, the HEMI V8 is on the 6.4-liter platform, but it is stroked out to 428 cubic-inches. The bottom end and cylinder heads are fully built using the best components available. The massive turbocharger is a Precision 88-millimeter, and the transmission is a 6-speed manual with a dual-disc clutch. Maximum output is a dyno-certified 1,100WHP. This is a beast of a canary yellow sedan.

Ride along in the Super Bee as Brad puts up passes of 154 mph (missed fifth-gear), 168 mph and 172 mph on the first day. Will the remaining days bring more success? Only time can tell.

Check out the rest of the video.

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