1160HP Koenigsegg Agera RS 0-400-0

October 6th, 2017

In proving that their product is up to the 0-400-0 challenge, Swedish automaker Koenigsegg gained exclusive access to an airstrip (and the largest solar farm in Scandanavia) in Vandel, Denmark. This was done for the sole purpose of testing their newly updated supercar, the Agera RS, in a 0-400-0 timed trial.

This timed trial is not just for kicks and giggles. Christian von Koenigsegg, not being the type of individual to accept anything less than excellence, wanted to see the Agera RS best the world record 0-400-0 time of 41.96-seconds, set by Juan Pablo Montoya in a Bugatti Chiron (September 2107).

One would assume that the Agera RS would perform flawlessly in such a spectacle but one can never be sure of these things until the rubber meets the road. This video allows you to climb in the cockpit and ride along for this world record attempt.

The 0-400-0 time trial is a simple one – albeit no easy task. The car accelerates from a dead-stop until it reaches 400km/h (248.6 mph), then brakes back to a standstill. It is a true test of power, handling, braking, and overall performance.

The Agera RS is equipped with a twin turbocharged (ceramic ball bearing) 5.0-liter V8 all-aluminum engine. It utilizes dual overhead camshafts, four-valves per cylinder, and a dry sump oiling system to push past the competition.

Spoiler alert: the Agera RS destroys the Bugatti world record by more than a few seconds. You will have to watch the video for the details.

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