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How to Polish "Hard vs Soft" Paint: Acura NSX

This video demonstrates a few ways to determine if your paint is hard or soft and what you can do to repair each. ( I know a bunch of peps will be asking me so...all the products in this episode will be available on my website in a few days) Thanks so much for watching! -L


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BMW Jet Black 2-Step Paint Correction - Rupes LHR21ES BigFoot Polisher - Chemical Guys
Rupes LHR 21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher Kit with 6.5" Black Optics Pads & V Line Polishes (6 Items) http://www.chemicalguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BUF_400&Click=18 676&utm_source=Social&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=BUF_400 What's Included: Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Black Polishing Pad 6.5" Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Orange Polishing Pad 6.5" Chemical Guys V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Compound (16 oz) Chemical Guys V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish (16 oz) Chemical Guys V38 Optical Grade Final Polish (16 oz) About Rupes LHR 21ES Big Foot Microfiber Polishing Kit Complete kit for enthusiasts and professionals Unique larger 21 mm throw Ideal for polishing large surfaces with a 6.5" pad Ergonomic design allows for precision paint correction with complete comfort Variable speed control that gives the users six settings for any polishing situation Leaves no swirls or holograms The Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Microfiber Polishing Kit from Chemical Guys has arrived. The innovative Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher was designed from the ground up to allow for the smoothest and most efficient polishing experience. The LHR21ES Big Foot's 21 millimeter throw gives this revolutionary polisher the ability to run smoother and correct defects faster than a conventional dual action polisher. Over several years of development, the LHR21ES has redefined paint correction for the enthusiast and professional detailer. The larger throw allows the Rupes LHR21ES to remove swirls, scratches, holograms, and other paint defects faster and easier than any other machine. The Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher leaves a flawless finish when polishing on single stage and clear coat surfaces. Team that up with the world's leading microfiber polishing pad technology and the V-Series Optical Polish line from Chemical Guys for a perfect polishing package that creates a swirl and hologram free finish in less time. The Perfect Kit for Professionals and Enthusiasts We combined our innovative Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads with the Rupes LHR21ES to give any detailer the perfect combination to begin paint correction and polishing. We also include our popular V-Line of polishes that restore the shine back to any color paintwork. The unique design of the Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads paves the way for the Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Polisher. Effectively use the V34 Hybrid Compound, V36 Cutting Polish or the V38 Finishing Polish to achieve maximum correction with less time and effort. The Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Microfiber Polishing Kit from Chemical Guys will provide you with everything you need restore the finish on any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV, and even airplanes. The Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher uses superior Italian craftsmanship to create a tool that is built to last. The innovative engineering and design makes the LHR21ES the perfect machine for extended polishing jobs. The ergonomic design allows for precision paint correction with complete comfort. The soft-start system allows for total control by slowly increasing the speed of the machine once the trigger is pulled. Rupes soft-start system reduces the risk of slinging polish away from the machine while maintaining the polisher's constant speed. The Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher features a variable speed control that gives the user six settings for any polishing situation. Perfect for polishing cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and even motorcycles. The Rupes Big Foot Polisher is built to handle any detailing situation. Quickly and easily create a flawless finish on any color paintwork. Rupes utilizes innovative design characteristics to provide any detailing enthusiast with the power to handle any paint correction situation. The Rupes LHR21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher will take your detailing possibilities to the next level of perfection. Combine the polishing power of the Rupes LHR21ES with Chemical Guys Microfiber Polishing Pads and V-Line of polishing to give you the perfect paint correction kit to create a flawless finish.

NSX and Senna Connection - Compilation of the BEST videos around the web
I compiled ALL of the most important informative videos about the Honda - Acura NSX and it's History, in racing and development! Video is 45 Minutes long, but WELL WORTH IT if you are a car enthusiast! :) Enjoy!

Best Polisher Selection: Rupes Ferrari F40
This is a quick review of what polishers I would use in certain tight areas. Check out Kevin Brown's website at www.buffdaddy.com for more info on residue control and his KB method. Stay tuned for part II next week. .

How to Remove Glue and Stickers from your Paint
This is a friends race car that was recently purchased from another race team and in need of some cleaning. In this episode, I show how that a microfiber cutting pad can be used to remove rubber marks and residue glue from the sticker removal process. This trick will save you time IF you are compounding/polishing the paint anyways. I also show proper technique for safe and easy sticker removal from your vehicles paint without destroying the clear coat or your finger tips! :)

Interior Smoke Removal Tricks: Mercedes AMG G55
This is ONE way to remove lingering smoke smell from the interior of your car. Every car has different levels of contamination, so you may need to repeat steps for complete removal. These are simply a few ideas or approaches you may want to consider. Any questions, send me an email: larry@ammonyc.com Thanks so much for watching all of our videos and your enthusiastic support! -L

$1,000,000 Ferrari Restoration Detail
This Ferrari is a good friend and customers car that was flown in the night before from the UK. It needed a bit of work to get it looking presentable again, and after a 2 day restoration... shouldn't need anything more than layers of sealant and wax for the rest of its life. (if cleaned and maintained properly in the future) This video shows you what I'm thinking about as I restore a $1 million car, and how understanding the interaction between different materials will effect the outcome of your work. The purpose of this video is not about "step by step" demonstration, but rather a glimpse of what professional detailers think about when working on extremely rare cars. Thanks for watching and send me an email if you have any questions. larry@ammonyc.com -Larry

BLEACH Damage on Black Paint!
This is a quick video about a buddies Mercedes CLS that had bleach accidentally ("misted") on the nose of the car during a gutter/roof/shutters cleaning. We noticed white-haziness along with dots of heavier penetration. Here is what I found out during the visit. I was happily surprised AMMO SKIN did its job extremely well. Find out what happened... (I've never heard of a case like this before...so I had to film it) FYI: I had a bunch of people walking around me who were still working on the house, so excuse the brevity and slightly awkwardness. I didn't want to make the workers feel worse than they already did, so I tried to be on the DL. Lastly, towards the end of the video, I describe the difference between paint SEALANT and WAX. If you understand this concept, you will be 10x better at caring for your car. As always, shoot me an email if you have any questions or ideas. Thx! larry@ammonyc.com

How to Wash your car in Winter: Ferrari F40
Here are 3 techniques you can use to wash your car (whether heavy, medium, or light dirt) when in the winter months, no access to a hose, or live in an apartment building. The process is more time consuming than traditional washing and should be used as a great "second best option" scenario. Thx for watching!

How to Wash a $2 Million Ferrari: Prep + Polish (Part 1)
This is a 1967 275 GTB/4. I absolutely love this special car! Based on emails and comments received during my last Ferrari restoration (288 GTO), everyone wanted to know the steps I take BEFORE I begin the compound/polish etc stage. What facts need to be understood prior to apply any product or machine... The information gathered before repairing the paint will dictate how you decide what products/abrasives (or not) to use to remove the minimal amount of surface (clear or single) to save the "working life" of the paint. Remember, pro-detailers get paid... not for how much they "remove", but for how much they "leave" intact. -L

How to Remove Water Spots and Calcium/Lime Deposits
This is a clients daily driver that was left in a parking garage in NYC. It's common for the lime/calcium deposits to fall from the ceiling and cause issues on the paint if left untreated for long periods of time. Hope this gives you and idea of what "type of chemical" can help remove or loosen the contaminants. (FYI: I used a directional microphone instead of my normal mic because I wanted to pic up the "texture sound" of the calcium.) Thx for watching! -L

Concours Secret Tricks: "At the show prep"
Here are a few tricks for prepping a car immediately BEFORE and DURING a concours or car show. (Assuming the paint resto has been done beforehand. Notice, I do not use any machines during the prep) The second half of the video discusses how to get the best pop from paint, wheels, and glass once you arrive at the show. Similar to "primping" a show-dog before they trot around the judges...(meaning the car looks great already...how can we squeeze the last bit beauty minutes before we are on stage) Hope this gives you some idea of how to stand out from the pack. (pun intended) --L

Best 4-Step Wet Sanding Tips: Part I.
This is one of the best video I've had the privilege to shoot. Jason Rose and Kevin Brown are MASTERS of detailing and I learned an incredible amount of techniques and procedures for wet sanding during this trip and I hope the video (part I. II. and III.) gives you a strong understanding of how to safely wetsand your paint. Thank you Jason and Kevin for all your knowledge! -Larry

Trick to cleaning perforated leather car seats
This video is for a subscriber of my channel. He asked about cleaning perforated leather seats and how the approach might be different. Great Question! Be sure to apply Lather Interior Cleanser to to the BRUSH, and not spray directly cleaner directly on the perforations. Afterwards, quickly vacuum or turn on the ventilated seats (if equipped) -L

Rupes Bigfoot Polisher vs Griots DA Polisher
This is a quick and "broad" discussion about the evolution of polishing machines with a focus on the Griots DA and new Rupes Bigfoot. (there are many other polishers I've left out of this discussion for the time being) I think it important to understand the progression of paint restoration as it applies to the detailing community. It's very exciting to watch our industry grow rapidly and see the expansion of tools that combine the necessary power (in terms of correction) with fundamental simplicity (meaning anyone can use it safely). Can't wait to see whats next! -L

How to Detail a New Car: McLaren MP4-12C
One of the most common questions I receive is about new car deliveries. What you should ask the salesman to NOT do, how to fully inspect the paint for dings, dents, dust nibs, scratches, and possible re-painted areas without using expensive tools. New car polishing and paint sealant tips for protecting your investment. Thanks again for watching and email me if you have any questions: larry@ammonyc.com -L

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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