1500 ton press crashing to ground

1500 ton press

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Sikorsky-Erickson Air Crane - 'Incredible Hulk' - Start up & Take Off
Actual Takeoff is at around 5:30, so fast forward to that point if you're impatient. Shot with Sony PMW-EX1 Camcorder; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GOLD7LS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789 &creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00GOLD7LS&linkCode=as2&tag=myam0a7-20&linkId=0 9122ff9c8d24db4c63a9114fa9c5865 Filmed after the Airshow when all the aircrafts and helicopters were leaving all at once. It pays to stick around after the airshow. In my case, literally. Video of MRH-90 (green army helicopter) take off here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpl3r5kLQkU Sikorsky-Erickson Air Crane - 'Incredible Hulk' From Wings Over Illawarra Air Show 2011 Only on Sikorsky-Erickson Air Crane would you find a staircase to tail rotor section. Blu-ray of the Airshow, which includes Avalon 2011 & WOI 2011 on 1disk, is available for $15 Contact me on : m171562@live.com Manufacturer: Sikorsky Model: S-64E Year built: 1968 Aircraft Type: Rotorcraft Number of Seats: 3 Number of Engines: 2 Engine Type: turbo-shaft Aircraft Registration Number: N164AC

Excavator in deep shit - Heavy Recovery - Terribärgarn - Sweden
At Håkanbo North Lingbo in Sweden a excavator is stuck in the mud. With a Scania 970 from 1962 and a Heavy wrecker from Thorson´s i Uppsala, Terribärgarn helps the excavator up on safe ground. After one week the excavator was at work again. Follow Terribärgarn on Facebook.

Worlds largest rotator tow truck
The king of recovery!!! 6 axle, twin steer. custom built kenworth., with a rating of 100 tons and no! this is not a crane!! this is a tow truck this has an under lift, Watch part 2 to see it action.

300 Ton Marble Cut
This is out-take footage from Gina Minervini's incredible docustory THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SCULPTOR. A 300 ton piece of marble is carefully pushed and dropped off a mountain inside the marble quarries of Pietrasanta, Italy, . Ms Minervini was amazed when she stood across the quarry with her Sony video camera ready and witnessed this massive piece gently fall to the ground like a pillow. Without a crack or a break! NOTE: Italian voice in background is of artist Lynne Streeter, Director of the Marble & Art Workshops