Unmarked 2500HD Dmax

2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4WD crew cab Duramax. Notice the difference in effectiveness of the same lights during the day and at night

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Unit 1 lighting emergency Demo Vehicle. silverado 3500hd whelen led blue light lights
MY 2010 CHEVY SILVERADO 3500HD POV FIRE/EMS/ POLICE ALL WHELEN NO BULLSHIT.crew cab long bed. All Whelen lights controlled by Cencom gold two 100w speakers, whelen eight head T/A(rear window),2xM9 blue, 2x M7 blue (both in grill), 2x 500series split blu/wht (on mirrors), Now for the Linz6 4x blue, 4x red, 2x white,( in wheel wells, rear side windows, and grill). Now for Linz3 4x blue 4x white (on side bars) now for VERTEX 6x white, 5x blue, 4x red 4x split blu/wht. (Vertex used in cab clearance lights head and tail lights, 3rd brake light, and front fog lights) And That's all for NOW!! Thanks to They Guys at Beyer Fleet in Central NJ For the Install and sorcing all the parts. Best installer in NJ can handel any of your Fleet sale or service needs. www.beyerfleet.com

2015 GMC SIERRA safety LED strobes www.WickedWarnings.com
TO PURCHASE THIS KIT CLICK THIS LINK BELOW https://www.wickedwarnings.com/cart/?fill_cart=6x357,2x187,1244,1223 1-630-361-4390 http://www.wickedwarnings.com/ info@wickedwarnings.com https://facebook.com/WickedWarnings AS ALWAYS...contact WICKED WARNINGS anytime through our website or on Facebook or directly at INFO@WICKEDWARNINGS.COM OR 630-361-4390 Every product or build you see on ANY of my videos is always for sale through Wicked. If you don't see it on my website then give me a call directly or drop us an email. I am happy to custom build any package for any level of installer and ship out nation wide. Thanks for watching and remember BE SEEN BE SAFE.. 1-630-361-4390 http://www.wickedwarnings.com/ info@wickedwarnings.com https://facebook.com/WickedWarnings WHELEN, STROBE, FEDERAL SIGNAL, SHO-ME, ABLE 2, VERTEX, HIDE A WAY LIGHT, FORD, CHEVY, DODGE, TRUCK, CAR, PLOW, SNOW, SALTER, WESTERN, MEYER, FISHER, SNOWPLOW, POLICE, FIREFIGHTER, AMBULANCE, HID LIGHTS, EMERGENCY LIGHTS, WARNING, BEACON, AMBER, BLUE, RED, WHITE, GREEN, REVERSE ALARM, CAMERA, SUPERDUTY, 250, 350, 450, 550, 1500, 2500, 3500, 1/2 TON, 3/4 TON

Why Volunteer to Risk Your Life?
New York City Firefighters get paid well to do their jobs. Long Island firefighters don't get paid. So why would they volunteer to risk their lives?

Chevy Silverado With Strobe Kit and Phantom LED lights
My truck with the LEDs and Strobes working. The LED's are the Star Signal "Phantom" series. The strobes are a 6 head Sho-Me. Install done by myself over a weekend. Strobes purchased from a local cop shop and the LEDs from www.publicsafetyspecialties.com