2011 ZX10r 208 MPH Top Speed Run

Visit my website www.garth285.com for more info! 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10r on board camera view of a 208mph pass.

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2016 zx10r 200mph attempt vs my gen 2 busa vs 2016 zx14r
Been waiting for a while to get the special order rear sprocket for the zx10 in a 37 size to see if the mighty zx10 can pull 200 mph since the last run it made was only 190 due to gearing..we also had a special guest with his new zx14r, the same fellow I ran last year on his 1070 gixxer. He finally stepped over to the darkside and he loves the 14r as do all of us...

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r + 300Km/H
Kawasaki a mas de 300 km/h record

2011 ZX10R top end roll vs BMW S1000RR
In my opinion, the definitive answer as to what is what.. I suppose I could have held onto 4th a little longer, but could not see the point so changed to 5th. Just cant get past that BMW. But on the other hand, if I'm in front, the beemer doesn't just come flying past either.. so.....

GSX-R 1000 Blows By Cop Going About 160mph.
It's hard to see but this guy's at about 160+ mph when he passes a cop on his left (It's really quick). Does he stop? HELL NO, he ain't gonna stop just mashes the gas even more! THESE ARE NOT kmh.