2013 Infiniti QX56 For Sale Columbus Ohio

Call Infiniti of Columbus at 614-793-1000 or visit us our website at www.infinitiofcolumbus.com This dealership makes no representation, expressed or implied, to any actual or prospective purchaser or owner of this vehicle as to existence, ownership accuracy, description, or condition of this vehicle, listed equipment, accessories, price or any warranties. Any and all differences must be addressed prior to the sale of the vehicle. Buyer is solely responsible for verifying any and all equipment described in the video.

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2013 Infiniti QX - Automatic Climate Control
This is your vehicle's climate control panel. The Auto mode may be used all year round. To turn it ON, press this button for automatic cooling or dehumidified heating. The indicator light turns ON when the system is activated. It will automatically regulate and maintain fan speed, airflow and temperature in the cabin. The AUTO function can be turned OFF by either changing the fan speed, or by pressing the DEFROSTER, MODE, or OFF buttons. To reactivate automatic control, press the AUTO button. To turn the system OFF completely, press the OFF button. Your vehicle has separate temperature control buttons for the driver and front seat passenger. The driver's temperature control will set the temperature for both driver and passenger if the dual control is not activated. Turn the driver's side control knob to the right for warmer or left for cooler temperature. You'll see the temperature setting change on the monitor. If you want to adjust the passenger side temperature independently from the driver's side, press the DUAL button or turn the temperature control knob left or right. The DUAL control indicator light will then illuminate. Turn the knob right for warmer or left for cooler temperature. The passenger's side temperature will be displayed on the monitor. To switch back to driver control, press the DUAL button again. If in Dual mode when you turn your system off using the OFF button, it will resume Dual operation when turned back on using the AUTO button. The manual airflow control button provides a choice of airflow outlets. Press repeatedly to cycle through these four choices: • Air will flow from the center and side vents • From center, side and foot vents • Mainly from foot vents, • From the defroster and foot vents Your choices will be displayed on the monitor. Press the A/C button to turn the air conditioning ON or OFF. In hot or humid conditions, a visible mist may be seen coming from the vents. This does not indicate a malfunction. Please be aware that the Air Recirculation feature will not activate while in Defrost mode because allowing outside air to enter the vehicle improves defogging performance. Refer to the Automatic Intake Air Control chapter. This button operates the fan speed. Press the right control button to increase fan speed and the left button to decrease fan speed. When you manually change fan speeds, it turns off the automatic climate control mode. To return to automatic climate control, press the AUTO button. To defrost or defog the front and side windows, press the DEFROSTER button. The indicator light will illuminate. Airflow will be directed to the front and side windows. In the DEFROST mode, the A/C activates automatically at temperatures above 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air recirculate mode automatically turns off allowing outside air to be drawn into the passenger compartment to further improve the defogging and deicing performance. If your vehicle happens to be in Dual mode, turning on the defroster will revert to driver control so both sides of the windshield will defrost evenly. Turn the driver's side temperature to a setting that will best meet weather conditions. For windshield deicing, your temperature selector should be turned to maximum heat and turn the fan speed to high. As soon as possible, after the windshield is cleared, press the AUTO button to return to AUTO mode. The system will return to your previous settings. Pressing the DEFROSTER button a second time will also revert to AUTO mode. To defrost or defog the rear window and, if so equipped, the outside mirrors, push the REAR WINDOW DEFROSTER switch. The indicator light will illuminate. After defrosting, push to turn OFF. If not turned OFF manually, this feature will automatically deactivate in 15 minutes. There is a temperature sensor located on top of the dashboard near the windshield that helps regulate the automatic climate control settings. Please keep this area clear of papers and other materials.