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fiat 600 1/4 mile

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Big Island VW Bears Racing
Bears Racing VW Fastest VW in Hawaii

Onboard Bugster running a 9 second e.t. at Avon Park
Bugster at Avon Park running a 9 second e.t. Third gear went a bit suspect on this run, (watch the gearstick kick). Later, in the final of the meeting it stripped all the teeth from third, costing the race.(July 1st 1999)

sleeper vw bug
I took a 60 vw bug that was sitting for 25 years, rebuilt a motor for it, and took it to the track. Didnt even wash it! to Prove whats on the outside isnt what counts. Its what we DONT see that does. Motor is all VW with stock block clearenced for stroker crank, stock crank is welded stroker, has 92mm pistons to equal 2180, vw heads ported, and dual IDF webber carbs. mild 125 engle cam. I know its not a super fast car like most other videos on here, but for what it is, a stock bug with skinny 165 metric tires, and a stock vw motor with very old hot rod technology, it does pretty good. The way it is I a ran a 13.41@100mph on the stock tires. I have since pulled the motor and building 2235 with Mofoco 050 Made in USA heads, FK45, 48idf's, Pouter 1:4's

220 hp bugs in the pits and on the track