vw racing

fiat 600 1/4 mile

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VW Drag Racing Piston Lightening
Follow along as John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D lightens a set of forged pistons for Robert Kong's hot Karmen-Ghia drag machine. www.engine-machining.com

Onboard Bugster running a 9 second e.t. at Avon Park
Bugster at Avon Park running a 9 second e.t. Third gear went a bit suspect on this run, (watch the gearstick kick). Later, in the final of the meeting it stripped all the teeth from third, costing the race.(July 1st 1999)

Insane Drag Racing Wheelstand by a Turbo VW
http://www.DragRacingTV.com/ Wild shot of a turbocharged bug doing a couple of wheelies in one pass. The driver is Andrew "2stroke" Foldhazi, in his all-steel street car.

vw race bug
how fast can a bug go ??? watch and see ...