MV50 SupeFlow Air Compressor 25-35 psi test

Superflow MV50 25 to 35 psi in under 1:30. This 12-Volt unit connects directly to the battery. The demo was done using a 08 Ford F250 with a 275-70-R18 Tire. Because of additional hoses and fittings required for the test, actual performance of the unit is better than what you see here.

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MV90 SuperFlow Air Compressor 12-Volt 25-35 test
MV90 Superflow 12 Volt Protable Air Compressor inflating a 275-70-R18. Live test with tire mounted on an F250 -- 25-35psi in under a minute.

Superflow MV90 verses MV50 Air Compressor comparison
This video is a side by side comparison used to illustrate the performance differences between the SuperFlow MV90 and MV50 12-volt Portable Air Compressors. Because of additional hoses and fittings required for the test, actual performance of the units when used individually is better than what you see here. The test truck is an 2008 F250 Super Duty Diesel with 275-70-R15 Tires. Both units come with a nylon carry bag and coil air hoses. Newer models are equipped with type M air fittings making it easy to use your own hoses. Caution -- These compressors are designed to provide continues flow of air. Never use a hose set-up that dead ends the flow of air.

Slime 2-X Tire Inflator Product Review From ATV-UTVTECH.COM
We Worked with Slime Products to test out their new 2X Tire inflator. We have been using this unit since early spring 2012 while on our testing runs and it has proven extremely durable. This inflator will fill a 27" tire from empty to 10 psi in about 50 seconds. Pretty impressive when compared with other inflators we have tested. The 2X is very compact, easy to operate and priced affordably. So there is little excuse to be caught on the trail without the 2X along for the ride!

MV90 0-35 psi under 3 min 275-70-R18.AVI
Superflow MV90 Air Compressor 0-35psi live test on a 08 Ford F250. O-35 psi in under 3 minutes. I had to use extra hoses and fittings for the demo. Actual performance should be better.