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kit to raise camper shell / truck cap

Universal kit raises camper shell / truck cap providing walk in access. Can be purchased as partial kit or complete with electric actuators, cap to bed seals, all mounting hardware, brackets, bars, nuts and bolts, wiring, and switches. Or partial kits as needed. From CapUpKit.com 317 490-9300


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How to Remove and Reinstall an A.R.E. Truck Cap
A.R.E.'s Gary and Brian will take you through the steps on properly removing and reinstalling your A.R.E. Truck Cap.

Sleeper inside of topper.
http://CowtownSleepers.com This is a custom topper with a built in sleeper for a New Dodge Ram.

SEMA 2010 - A.R.E. Truck Caps and Covers
A.R.E. Truck Caps and Covers reporting from the 2010 SEMA show. The video will feature several trucks throughout the show that feature A.R.E. Products. The trucks include the A.R.E. Pro Football Hall of Fame Project Truck and the Storm Chasers Project Truck.


Presentacion vivienda PICK-UP.wmv avance
Gracias por su interés sobre los módulos vivienda para pick-up, Estas son características y precios, para estudie lo mas conveniente para usted y si desea mas información no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros y estaremos encantado de asesorarle e incluso nos adaptamos a estudio de distribución de proyecto acorde con sus necesidades. Telf.952340699 y 629976463 correo electrónico almopo@telefonica.net sites.google.com/site/truckcampereurope Especificaciones Longitud total 300 cm Piso base = Longitud 180 cm Anchura 187 cm Anchura entre los pasos de rueda 102 cm.aprox. Altura de techo extendido 195 cm. aprox. Altura del techo retractó 140 cm. aprox. Peso aprox.entre 280 y 400 Kg. según mod. Camas (Adultos / Niños) 2 / 1 Modelo Base Estructura de tubo de aluminio cuadrado de 30x30. Revestimiento de chapa de aluminio lacado en blanco de 1mm.de espesor en el exterior. Placas de poliuretano de alta densidad de 30 mm. de espesor para mayor aislamiento térmico. Tableros de DM de 4 mm. en blanco para revestimiento interior. Mecanismo de elevación del techo mediante manivela, para mayor comodidad de subida. Dos elevadores manuales para subir/bajar la cedula de la camioneta. Una ventana lateral abatible con cámara de aire, mosquitera y oscurecedor marca SEITZ de 80x45. Una ventana lateral abatible con cámara de aire, mosquitera y oscurecedor marca SEITZ de 50x30. Una ventana frontal fija de 40x30. Una ventana fija de 40x30 en puerta de entrada. Toldo de fibra de poliéster con cuatro ventanas de 40x30 con tres capas (oscurecedor, mosquitera y lamina transparente). Claraboya en techo de 40x40. Tensores y enganches para la cedula con la caja de la camioneta. Dos placas V-20 para indicar carga (según código de circulación). Juego de luces de galibo en techo (según código de circulación).

Tufport Outdoor Adventure Slide-in Camper
Tufport Slide-in Campers. The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Camper slides into your pick-up. It is a mobile toolbox for all your work gear during the week, and then quickly converts to a versatile outdoor recreation vehicle. Fits all full-size and most mid-size pick up trucks. Built for off-road use.

Fastkap retractable truck toppers in the snow
Fastkap Retractable Truck Toppers slide back behind the cap in less than a minute, are fully water proof and come with a 5 year fabric warranty. This video shows that even in cold temperatures and heavy snow the fabric stays flexible and the cap with the snow removed can still easily slide back into the fiberglass shroud in under a minute for full truck bed access.

Universal Kti raises camper shell / truck cap
This universal kit fits most pickup trucks and camper shells / truck caps. You can reuse the kit parts on your next truck and cap. Electric operation. More space than a tilting tonneau cover. Provides at least 6' stand up height at back of 8' cap. More details at capupkit.com.

Homebuilt Pop-up roof lift system
Small air compressor supplys air to 4 air cylinders. After roof is up there are window panels that go in to make the camper weather proof. Then remove and just bleed off the air pressure to lower roof.

Leer Truck Caps Manufacturing
www.Leer.com a look inside the manufacturing process of the nations finest truck caps and tonneaus

Road Runner Sleeper
http://Cowtownsleepers.com Custom Road Runner Sleeper with walk in door and sitting package.

Ford Ranger Sleeping Platform/Camper
This is a camping unit I built based around the basic idea in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO87kCU5lvU It worked out pretty good!

VW Volkswagen Amarok Hardtop Camper Pick-Up VARIO-TOP by Road Ranger Video
http://www.upcountry4x4.co.uk/ - VW Amarok pick-up camper hardtop conversion, 4x4 Amarok Camper vehicle. The Road Ranger VARIO-TOP Extra Canopy with all additional Camper accessories fitted resulting in a Amarok Camper vehicle with sleeping, eating and cooking spaces. Perfect for a off-road expedition! For more information on the VARIO-TOP Hardtop range please visit http://www.upcountry4x4.co.uk/

Quick time lapse of a Flip Pac open and closed on a Full Size 2007 Toyota Tundra 4x4 Longbed. Flip Pac made by FRP. Vehicle Owner - Suntinez

Custom Topper
Custom walk in topper with power outlets and breaker box. http://www.Cowtownsleepers.com

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