kit to raise camper shell / truck cap

Universal kit raises camper shell / truck cap providing walk in access. Can be purchased as partial kit or complete with electric actuators, cap to bed seals, all mounting hardware, brackets, bars, nuts and bolts, wiring, and switches. Or partial kits as needed. From 317 490-9300

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Topper Lift for my pickup
I made this because I wanted one. I use it every week, you would be supprised how often you would use yours if you had one. I hall so many things that I simply would not been able to if I didn't have this. Many things only need that extra little bit too get it in. But can be closed once it's in there, like my John Deere. Don't want to explain how I build these quite yet, I do sell them. But I am also working on other methods to reduce cost. And add ons, like screen sides for camping, make it faster. (Looking to increase speed to 12sec up, 10sec down). Strong enough to lift 1000 lbs. Sturdy enough to drive down the freeway with the topper fully extended. Runs off a toggle switch I mounted beside the driver seat. Or off a regular key chain remote like you use for your keyless entry or car alarm.

EZ Topper Lift, Truck Install
EZ Lift System's Topper EZ Lift System

Secure Bed Covers Thacker Manufacturing, Inc.
Secure Truck Bed Covers

The Camper Cot designed and engineered by, a product development company in Bella Vista Arkansas. This is an innovative outdoor product that fits securely in the back of your truck. Under a camper shell, the camper cot allows you to enjoy a restful night's sleep. Staying warm is easily accomplished by the solar/generator powered heated sleeping pad. The foldable structure and light weight material, makes transportation of The Camper Cot a breeze. The pull out drawer and table makes for convenient storage and accessibility.