Suzuki Samurai Monster to be

lansard augustus 2011

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Suzuki Samurai Stuck!
Another one of my old projects thats long gone. I really miss this one... The green and black suzuki are the same vehicle, I rolled the black one as you can see in the pics so I swapped the green body on to it. With the green body and body lift it would float high with the door sills above the waterline. I have had to get out several times to swim and pull the Samurai to the other side. I never got around to hooking up the trolling motor before I sold it :(

Bilstain 2014
zondagje uitleven in bilstain belgie met een klein groepje

Bilstain 2012 Suzuki Samurai

Suzuki Samurai Monster to be
Monster to be in Axel Modderpoel BBQ