LML duramax VS 2011 6.7 powerstroke drag race

2011 FORD VS 2011 GM. the ford has an h&s mini maxx and Exhaust installed, Dmax is bone stock off the lot. the first run the mini is set on wild, the second run the tune is set to stock. http://www.powerlabsdiesel.com

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LML Duramax Hell
This is my brothers LML duramax with Exhaust, intake, H&S tuning, lift pump and a little more ;) thanks for watching and comment!

L5P duramax vs 2017 ford power stroke
This is not a scientific race ! Both trucks left dead pedal in 2 wheel drive. Ford spun the tires off the line as well as the duramax. And yes for all the haters it is in fact a 2017 L5P duramax !

2011 lml duramax 0 to 130mph
h&s tuned 150hp. ran a 13.8 1/4 mile at 98 mph Current milage 281,080 Current milage 286,779. 3-14-17

Tug O' War - Ty's Duramax Dually vs.Powerstroke F350
4/26/2015 @ Ty's Durty Thirty Party Dukes Bar & Grill Webster, NY