SOLD IT About 8 Months Ago, Ill keep it up though for it seems most people enjoy her... I got a Twin turbo GTO Now SMOKINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

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Fastlane Twin Turbo Mustang GT on Street Tires at the Track
clearly not built for the 1/4 mile, cheesewiz went to the track to see how it could do. Fully loaded and on street tires, cheesewiz clearly has traction problems trying to put the power to the ground. Guess that's what we will work on next. Two passes, first had a time of 12.46 at 115.72 and the second was 12.53 @ 116.86

First Drive Turbocharged 07 Mustang GT After Tune.
2007 Mustang GT Premium On3 Performance 67mm Ballbearing turbo @ 8PSI 480rwhp/480rwtq Stock Bottom End Pypes Muffler Deletes

Mustang GT 2006 Turbo VS Camaro SS Supercharged
my Mustang 2006 turbo vs Camaro ss superchaded..i won...my car spin the whole 1st and 2nd gear..

Twin Turbo Mustang GT500 1400HP Texas Mile Record
Awesome Blade: http://bit.ly/ForceKnife Custom Blade: http://bit.ly/FN41CustomKnife Mustang Performance: http://bit.ly/CoyotePerformance Lean how to Design Cars: http://bit.ly/AutomotiveDesign101 GT 500 record holder for texas mile at 215mph in 2011. Makes around 1400HP at the wheels. - FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/FischerMotorsports - FaceBook http://on.fb.me/BXRFaceBook - View the complete list of build videos: http://bit.ly/BladeXTR2 - Official Website: http://bit.ly/BXRMotors - Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TwitBlade - Android App: http://bit.ly/BladeApp Music by: Fool's Chaos (Kevin Patterson) - http://bit.ly/KdnSoI