Redmond Fathersday Derby Mini cars event

Bend Lions sponsored Fathersday Derby 2009. Mini cars ....Clint Anderson in the 00 Ford Aspire and Brian Buxton 2xl Honda CRX of RRT the Redneck Racing Team

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Compact Car Demolition Derby in a Ford Festiva
Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! This is an old video of my third compact car demolition derby-actually, the second derby in this same car! I'm in the white Festiva car number d734. It spells hELP upside down. The VHS tape got recorded over and the end is missing. I didn't win. I did, however, walk away with a HUGE bruise from my elbow to my shoulder on my right arm from the car that turned my passenger door inside-out. The back of the right door was over the shifter and E-brake handle after all of the dust settled. I was sore for a week.

Redmond Skatepark Session: Roberto Gongora
Session at the redmond skatepark with Roberto Gongora

Ramping a 1996 Ford Aspire!
The Aspire Saga: Final The Aspire dies, and Boner & Skidmarc come close.

Ford Festiva Vs New Yorker and other full sze cars at New London
This is a video of New London's Free for all.... watch the first hit .... so much effort........ to try to throw him self out the windshield.