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RX-8 Racing Beat Exhaust

RX-8 Racing Beat Exhaust audio clip. NOTE: Be sure to check out the new HD video version in my video collection. Complete RX-8 blog - altspacerx8.blogspot.com


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RX-8 Exhaust Sound Collection PART2
RX-8 Exhaust Sound Collection

2004 Mazda RX-8 6MT Review, Walkaround, Exhaust & Test Drive
Help us grow so we can bring you more videos! Like us on Facebook @ http://www.Facebook.com/2Redline You've been asking and we've listened. Used car reviews are back in the first person style. This review contains mostly just raw footage, please let us know your preferences and thoughts. Videos should be pushed out at a much quicker rate now. Hope you enjoy! Meet the first model year of Mazda's rotary powered sports car, with a feathery curb weight, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and RWD it was everything that a sports car should be. Unfortunately, it also had some of the compromises and quirks of your typical sports car.

Mazda RX8 // Rainy Sunday Drift

RX8 RB Flash In the Red!!
Showing how far you can push into the red line with the RB flash

Mad Mike Red Bull RX8 Drift Demo - WRC Brother Rally New Zealand 2012
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! http://youtube.com/sbpnzoversteer Mad Mike's freshly rebuilt RX8 fires up for the WRC Brother Rally Of New Zealand, putting on a drift demo around the scenic Auckland Domain. Mike gives us a preview of whats to come when the car is fully finished ahead of World Time Attack and the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.. Subscribe For More Oversteer TV http://youtube.com/sbpnz Video By SBPnz http://sbp.co.nz Music Kiwi-RE 20B turbo Brap Brap Brap

RX-8 TurboXS headerback with new muffler...
I was looking for a way to reduce the sound of my 3" turboxs headerback Exhaust system, but to keep the Exhaust free flowing. So I looked into all the usual places, and at the usual mufflers everyone here have been installing. I ended up getting something that is similar to a straight pipe setup, but without any packing material. So what I bought was a pre-muffler system... here's some of the promotional info about it: These muffler replacements make use of a design so unique that is a patented design. First of all the design is a "straight through" design. Thus not creating back pressure by placing baffles or pulse diverters in the path of air flow. No packing is used. The Insert requires no case, saving weight. It is so effective that an Insert weighing no more than ¾'s of a pound will allow virtually any engine to meet the sound requirements, with minimal to no power loss. In fact low and midrange power generally increases. Where top end power is lost it can be compensated for with the normal tuning change typically needed with a slight increase in back pressure. Since scavenging is a function of the free flow of the Exhaust pulse, a design such as the CC INSERTS does not negate the scavenging effect of an uninterrupted pulse. The unit is so compact that the Insert is only about 7" long and can be cut even shorter if needed. For racing or street use you only need one Insert in each collector or Exhaust pipe. What is really neat is that you can build an Exhaust system where NO MUFFLERS are needed. You can do away with the big clunky, inefficient boxes that hang under the car. Ground clearance improves and you can route the pipes wherever you wish without worrying about where to place this big box. Pipes can be located closer to the body than previously possible giving even better ground clearance. When it comes to sound the Inserts give a true High Performance effect. In fact they have been described as sounding just like open headers only quiet. The Insert produces a deep sound with a sharp crisp note. The design of the Insert is such that most of the higher frequencies are cancelled out, leaving the deeper lower tone to dominate. The straight through design gives the crisp note. The higher, sharper frequencies are the most objectionable to both the rule makers and the ear. As an added feature you can adjust the level of sound that you desire. Each Insert comes with a plug and a restrictor. These items can be tack welded on for the most sound suppression. If you do not use the plug, which diverts more air through the cooling chambers, you get an increased level of sound. If you use the inserts without either part you have the loudest note. Even at their loudest setting the units are still very acceptable for the street. You get to make the choice you are not stuck with only one level of sound, as you are with most designs. What makes these Inserts so effective? The design seems simple at first. Lets examine what happens to the Exhaust pulse as it reaches the Insert. First a portion of the flow moves directly through the center tube, the balance is directed through the first disk. This creates a higher pressure zone in the area outside of the center tube. The result is that the air flow through the center tube is now faster, creating a low pressure zone in the tube. Since the tube is louvered a portion of the air that passes through the first disk is drawn back into the center tube. This helps draw more air through the first disk, thus reducing the back pressure created when the air first encounters this disk. By drawing slower moving, cooler air back into the center tube we reduce sound. Cooler air is quieter than hot air. The remaining air that is not drawn into the center tube flows through the next insert, thus slowing the flow and cooling this air even further. Then the difference in pressure between the two air flows pulls additional, cooler air back into the center tube. This further reduces the sound of the Exhaust gases. If a three disk unit is used the same process is repeated. When the last disk has been passed the remaining air flow exiting the tube, but not drawn into it, mixes with the air flowing out of the center tube further cooling the air. This design not only cools the Exhaust gases, to reduce sound, but by mixing the separate air flows multiple times, further reduces the sound emitted. http://www.engineceramics.com/hardpart/ccinserts.htm

Pettit Racing RX8 Modular Exhaust System
Pettit Racing new Mazda RX8 full Exhaust system, with catback, hi flow resonated cat, or resonated race-pipe. Walk through of system with Milltek engineer. ORDER : http://www.bespoke-performance-parts.eu/acatalog/Power_and_Drivetrain.html in the UK / EU etc, or at www.pettitracing.com in the USA ETC

RX8 agency power exhaust short drive by
My 8 driving by with the ap Exhaust...

MAZDA RX8 Racing Beat exhaust sound
2004 mazda rx8 6 speed racing beat Exhaust and cold air intake.

rx8 racing beat exhaust w/ some fun
vid of new Exhaust...

Tony's turbo FD (1993 Mazda RX-7) .. then the unexpected aftermath..
Tony just got his little toy up and running, and we decided to make a quick video. Little did we know what would happen later on that day. Enjoy.

Mazda RX-8 Burnout Up a Hill
This is my buddys RX-8 Doing a burnout the whole way up the hill!

Mazda RX8 Racing Beat Rev8 Exhaust HD Compilation
Mazda RX-8 Racing Beat Rev8 cat back Exhaust I still have the catalytic converter in place. This is purely a cat-back setup.

RX-8 & Echappement Racing Beat Aceleration
Les belles sorties du Racing Beat

Most Insane RX8 Burnout exhaust glowing red blowing flames
RX8 Blowing Flames and whole Exhaust glowing red during massive burnout

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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