130mph from a transbrake malfunction (3/4 track)

tranny brake malfunction

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JS Products Bump Box Staging for trans brake cars.
this is my bump style box for all transbrake cars. watch the video so you can see why you need one. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO !! the more we sell the cheaper they get.

Testing jakes 4l80e trans brake
Testing my trans brake on my 2001 turbo trans am ws6. PT7675 with a forged ls1

Apex Machining, Inc. TransBrake button
Apex Machining, Inc. Slooow TransBrake Button is the answer for anyone running Comp, Super Stock or Bottom Bulb Racing. With the change of a simple spring you can slow your reaction time by more than a tenth of a second.

This video was shot by Richie Balcom, and he gave me permission to host it here as well. Enjoy!!!