130mph from a transbrake malfunction (3/4 track)

tranny brake malfunction

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22 psi run
22 psi with street trim program

Big block vs Turbo
I think the Skylark broke, the T looked like it was going to hit the wall almost the entire way, and he stayed in it the entire run.

Trans brake launch
after setting carb on fire then staging with fuel pump off final get to go. 1.46 short time 10.51 @ 127.88 short shift into second. car gets just as good of short times foot braking on this day had a 1,44, 1,45, 1.44. 1.44 1.42 foot brake and 1.46 T brake and an aborted 2.0 hard right T brake launch.

blazer on trans brake
blazer first pass on trans brake at leaksville , pulled the front tire baby !! oh yea :)