ROBS 2005 SALEEN exhaust custom #osbornemotoring

This is my 2005 SALEEN custom Exhaust w/2 chamber flows And dumps since Flowmaster doesnt make an Exhaust that will work on my car. #OsborneMotoring

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900hp Twin Turbo Saleen Mustang BAD ASS!
900hp Twin turbo Saleen Mustang BAD ASS!

ROBS 2005 SALEEN supercharged / Osborne Motoring
joyridin after install! #osbornemotoring

Saleen (spr stage 2 cams)
My 07 saleen Mustang with comp cams spr stage 2 cams. Other Exhaust components are American racing Headers, O/r H pipe, & Dynomax race bullitts

Saleen Extreme S302E
Start and reving of engine. Vista glass top. etc.. 620hp