Loudest Toyota Hilux V8 Lexus with Detroit Locker. Nasty.

Power. Detroit puts it to the ground. Scary Off road. Now is full locked on 35's

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V8 Ute on muddy hill
Lexus powered hilux gets bit of air in muddy ruts. AKA the little Toyota that could

first run out in new luxy
this was the first run in the new 4b wow inpressed with the way it went, untill it lost oil pressure.

The new Toyota Hilux 2016 fails moose test
The new Toyota Hilux close to tipping over in the evasive meneuver. Toyota's answer and more at http://teknikensvarld.se/the-new-toyota-hilux-close-to-tipping-over-338223/

1uz hilux v8 supercharged muddy hillclimb from outside
blowhard range track in Toolangi. check out my other videos for onboard footage of the same track.