Mustang In car cam N/A 331 = 10.12 @ 134

Incar cam Mustang Drag Race Tasca Ford Fest event Hanlon Face plated TKO II with a Centerforce DF clutch,~~some camera shake ~~ gonna fab up a better mount for next time...Beat 'Em with a Stick!

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Stick shift mustang 347 In car
85 Mustang 347 stick shift making a pass. Time trial at Lebanon Valley Dragway NY.

93 mustang 331 Stroker vs ZO6 corvette.
Bad pass for both cars. This was my first pass ever so nerves got the best of me. I only got to make one pass that night, cant wait to get back out there. Def needed a better burnout, spun all of 1st then granny shifted like a mofo the rest of the way! I was shifting at like 5000-5500rpm instead of 6500, and poorly granny shifting at that LOL I will only get better, stay tuned :)

In car shot of a clutchless 5 speed on a 8.77 pass
In car shot of a clutchless 5 speed on a 8.77 pass

Crazy Fast Stick Shift Mustang (All Motor) LOCK-STICK-SHIFT-CLASS-NOV-10-AT-LAKELAND-DRAGSTRIPS-X275-RACE&p=34878&view full=1#post34878 10sec306's stick shift Foxbody: "THE STICK SHIFT MAFIA" Pump Gas N/A 349 on some 26x10's