All you need to know about off-road driving with the All-New Isuzu D-Max.

Lionel Firn from takes us behind the scenes at a purpose built off-road course and explains why the All-New Isuzu D-Max is so capable in extreme off-roading conditions.

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Off Road Driving Masterclass with the Isuzu D-Max
Ian Harford is attending the Isuzu D-Maxperience, where the guys at Isuzu have been showing off their new Isuzu D-Max. In a previous episode of Team Wild's Gear, we showed you the thrills of the day, which included clay-shooting and archery. Today, watch as Ian Harford puts the D-Max through its paces on the off-road test track, as he is shown how to get the most out of this 4-wheel drive.

When to use 4x4 or 2 wheel drive on the All-New Isuzu D-Max
Professional driving tutor Lionel Firn from take a look at when driver should use the selectable 4x4 setting on the Al-New Isuzu D-Max. Demonstration takes place at the Isuzu D-Max UK Launch event in May 2012.

2013 Isuzu Dakar D-Max Race with Road D-Max - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe
In preparation for the 2013 Dakar rally Australian driver Bruce Garland was tricked into an unusual race by Jason Sharpe of the Isuzu drive team, who challenged Bruce's Dakar monster D-Max with his road going D-Max... See the full race here...

Isuzu 2015 BCCC Round 2 Radnor - Round up
Round two of the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship (BCCC) took place on the 9th and 10th May in the heart of Radnor Forest. The Jewson Isuzu D-Max Rally Team headed to the demanding course with the robust D-Max Rally truck, expectant of a bumpy ride ahead. Radnor is renowned for being the toughest round out of the six stages and Isuzu pro driver Jason Sharpe understood the severity of the difficult round ahead. He remained hopeful that the D-Max would make it through, as he knew that Radnor was going to be a car destroyer. As expected, disaster struck just a short way into the first stage when the D-Max hit something solid, causing the top suspension arm to bend. This made it impossible for Jason to control the D-Max, leaving them no option but to pull over to assess the issue. Luckily for Isuzu, they had a spare part to replace the broken suspension arm. Accompanying Jason Sharpe in the gruelling challenge was professional co-driver Ian Bevan, who was extremely supportive in providing clear, concise information. Despite this, the duo still struggled as it was unbelievably muddy, with deeply rutted tracks that made the round even more difficult. Freelanders were struggling to make it up steep inclines, leading to the drastic action of the course being significantly altered. On the second day, Isuzu were having a great run on the first lap, until an electrical safety requirement in the truck failed. This left the D-Max with no electrical power to propel it through Radnor, which meant the D-Max had to be towed. Amazingly, the truck was repaired and managed to finish the gruelling round at Radnor Forest. Jason Sharpe and co-driver Ian Bevan were thrilled with the D-Maxs performance, as the course really was the ultimate off-road challenge. To see all of the action of round 2 and previous rounds go to and subscribe to Isuzu UK.