All you need to know about off-road driving with the All-New Isuzu D-Max.

Lionel Firn from takes us behind the scenes at a purpose built off-road course and explains why the All-New Isuzu D-Max is so capable in extreme off-roading conditions.

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Off Road Driving Masterclass with the Isuzu D-Max
Ian Harford is attending the Isuzu D-Maxperience, where the guys at Isuzu have been showing off their new Isuzu D-Max. In a previous episode of Team Wild's Gear, we showed you the thrills of the day, which included clay-shooting and archery. Today, watch as Ian Harford puts the D-Max through its paces on the off-road test track, as he is shown how to get the most out of this 4-wheel drive.

When to use 4x4 or 2 wheel drive on the All-New Isuzu D-Max
Professional driving tutor Lionel Firn from take a look at when driver should use the selectable 4x4 setting on the Al-New Isuzu D-Max. Demonstration takes place at the Isuzu D-Max UK Launch event in May 2012.

2013 Isuzu Dakar D-Max Race with Road D-Max - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe
In preparation for the 2013 Dakar rally Australian driver Bruce Garland was tricked into an unusual race by Jason Sharpe of the Isuzu drive team, who challenged Bruce's Dakar monster D-Max with his road going D-Max... See the full race here...

Malaysia's 1st 4x4 Reality Series - V-Cross Adventure Episode 2
In Episode 2, the contestants are required to drive a 4x4 up a cliff and after last episode's River Crossing experience, the teams have to attempt the challenge themselves! Which team will progress to the top of the rank after this episode's challenges? Six teams took the challenge to compete against one another to win the grand prize of RM 20,000, in Malaysia's first 4x4 reality series. The 6 teams are: Team Hakuna Matata: Ben J. & Shannon H. Team Jungle Jedi: Hafiz H. & Ivan S. Team Victorious Secret - Diana Danielle & Ezdiyannie Z. Team turbos: Vanaja S. & Thiruvaluver A. Team Blue Hedgehogs: Donovan N. & Balvinder S. Team Fun Hunters: Luqman H. & Syukri K. Armed with an ISUZU D-Max 3.0 V-Cross and an appetite for adventure, watch as these teams soldiered on through tough obstacles and each other. Follow us on facebook : Isuzu VCross Adventure Microsite: Isuzu Malaysia: