92 AWD Talon TSi Launch

It took long because we had to wait for it to warm up, Skip to 2minutes

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Eagle Talon TSi AWD Turbo TD05H 20G 25psi. Vs Corvette C6 Modified Street Racing 1/4mil.
Stock 6 bolt motor / Balance shaft remove / Oil Jets remove / Stock head / Stock headgasket only internal mods are BC 272/272 Cams / ARP head studs / Stock Gearbox only welded Center Diff / 4 bolt rear LSD / ACT 2600 4 puck sprung disc / Stock Suspension / Full interior / Eprom ECU / DSMChips-Stage 3 / MAFT Translator with 3in GM MAF / Walbro 255lph High Pressure Re-wired / FIC 1150cc Injectors / Aeromotive AFPR / Full 3 inch Exhaust system / turbo TD05H 20G T3 25psi. Corvette C6 Modified............

Stock Block!!!!AWD Talon
Stock 4g63 2g pistons with shitty bc272 running e85 with 20g at 28psi makin 440whp on Mustang Dyno....

'92 TSi AWD straight pipe idle, rev
1G DSM straight piped. Launch controll is set for 5750 rpm. Car is the same, BC 272 cams, ported Evo III manifold, FP Green turbo, 2.5" VTA o2 housing, and a 3" straight pipe. Enjoy!

We No Speak Americano Kacper
Well, everyone knows the jersey shore version heres mine ahah