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Radar Detector that Detected my Detector...

Here I am cruising around in my corvette with a radar detector...


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Radar detector Before Sharp curve. Great Save!
Before a sharp curve. My detector alerted me before 0.8 mile from real stalker police radar encounter. Great save. %70 of

What's the Best Radar Detector?
We review the best detectors on the market as of Jan 2015. We cover the Max2, Redline, V1, Passport, 9500ix, 9500ci, STi-R Plus, K40 RL360i, Stinger VIP, Cobra, Whistler CR-90, and RX-65 S7. Where to buy the recommended detectors: Redline: http://amzn.to/1weXXf8 Valentine 1: http://www.valentine1.com Passport Max2: http://amzn.to/1DMK1JO Passport: http://amzn.to/1Bb7aXt 9500ci: http://bit.ly/1AAAqUc STi-R Plus: http://bit.ly/1w0WYJG Stinger VIP: https://stingerradarusa.com/vip3 RX-65 S7: http://ebay.to/1AAAHqj

Beat speeding fines with GPS
An Aussie farmer beats a speeding ticket with the aid of a GPS recevier

Тест радар-детекторов Cobra 2014
Участвуют модели RU 745CT и RU 955CT. Для сравнения взята одна из моделей Supra серии Белка.

GPSmirror demonstration from Cheetah
Cheetah's GPSmirror operates as a stand alone GPS camera detector. It also uses Cheetah's Radar Datalink and Laser Datalink to control alerts from your own radar and laser systems if you choose to link them with the GPSmirror.

Car Licence Plate Protective Screen
Car Radar Blocker

Police Caught Me With A Radar Detector
Unfortunate situation when I got busted with a radar detector causing me 3 demerit points, $170, and paralegal fees. It's definitely not worth it.

Radar Detector demo gone wrong...
I attempted to make a 9500i laser demo video, but my attempt was cut short when a guy decided to speed up and intervene...

Driving on I-94 in Michigan towards Indiana State Line. What you hear on the video is me, reading the police radar frequency off my Beltronics STI Display, Ka 34.7, MI State Troopers are using Stalker Radar. Second clip I think the cop was using a handheld K-band Police Radar. Extremely useful to use an RD that allows you to read the police radar frequency, in this way you'll know right away which Ka-band alerts are real and which are false. Only high-end RDs do have this feature built-in. http://www.beltronics.com/ http://www.escortradar.com/ ALL Beltronics and Escort RDs are built in Mississauga (Toronto suburb), Ontario, Canada. And if you also have a CB Radio in your vehicle with a pretty good CB Antenna, feel free to let everybody around know where the cop with radar is located. Radar Detectors legal in 49 states out of 50. VA the only weird exception. Illegal in all trucks and most of the commercial vehicles over a certain weight. If you ever decide to get AND use a Radar Detector, get a professional one, V1 or Beltronics or Escort. Yes, not cheap but it's worth the investment. Drive safely.

Why it pays to have a Radar Detector. Pulled Over. Valentine V1
The Valentine V1 Radar Detector with YaV1 application picked up this cop from over a mile away to the rear and closing fast. Then another car comes speeding by at 70+ mph in a 40mph zone and then the Cop that the Detector was tracking was in pursuit without lights on and pulls the people over. They were hiding stuff left and right as I glanced over at the redlight.

Stealth Cords - SRD 8" Radar Detector Cord Install
Stealth Cords replace those unsightly auto accessory power cords. Stealth Cords - Discrete Power Cords for the Automotive Enthusiast.

Trick Plate On Audi RS6 :)
www.elitemotorsport.net Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Motorsports/191449448533 Twitter : @elitems Instagram : @elitemotorsports

Radar Detector Escort Passport 9500i True Lock
World's best laser radar detector Escort Passport 9500 revolutionary GPS location technology intelligence voice alert locking out false signal

9500i Saves Me from A BIG Ticket!!!
My 9500i saving me from a school zone speed trap where the speed drops from 45 to 25. The cop was hiding at the base of a hill and would shoot you with his gun as you crested. Unfortunately, he made a rookie error; he left his radar unit in his motorcycle on which the 9500i detected at a good distance away.

Radar Detector speed camera license plate spray
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Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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