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Radar Detector that Detected my Detector...

Here I am cruising around in my corvette with a radar detector...


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Car Licence Plate Protective Screen
Car Radar Blocker

GPSmirror demonstration from Cheetah
Cheetah's GPSmirror operates as a stand alone GPS camera detector. It also uses Cheetah's Radar Datalink and Laser Datalink to control alerts from your own radar and laser systems if you choose to link them with the GPSmirror.

Beat speeding fines with GPS
An Aussie farmer beats a speeding ticket with the aid of a GPS recevier

Great Save from the V1 Radar Detector
V1 one has an awesome save with two cops running instant-on Ka radar!!!! Read the details here: http://www.radardetector.net/viewtopic.php?t=23048 The video shows you my concealed display...The detector is mounted high next to my rear view mirror. Here are some link for people to teach them selves about radar detectors. http://guysoflidar.com/faq.html http://guysoflidar.com/ http://www.radardetector.net/ http://www.valentine1.com/ http://www.radarbusters.com/ To those that think the V1 is too expensive your personal opinion but my V1 has paid itself off with in the first month I bought it. When I drove NY-CO in 24hours it was the detector I used. Now Radar detectors won't save you from laser guns but for laser guns I have a laser jammer on my car. My car is built for long road trips on the interstate with all the gadgets I got in it. When I get home for the summer I'll make a video of all the different things i have. If you are looking for a cheap radar detector that works well do NOT get a cobra get BEL, or Whistler. The BEL v955 is a great detector for only $179, It has got great performance. User 'radardetectorguys' Is the marketing department for Escort Radar, if you want the truth from a consumer talk to me


Radar Detector demo gone wrong...
I attempted to make a 9500i laser demo video, but my attempt was cut short when a guy decided to speed up and intervene...

playing with the cops at 210mph
Guy gives chases down the cops, flips around backwards on his bike and gives them a double dose

Stealth Cords - SRD 8" Radar Detector Cord Install
Stealth Cords replace those unsightly auto accessory power cords. Stealth Cords - Discrete Power Cords for the Automotive Enthusiast.

Radar Detector speed camera license plate spray
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Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Review By Need For Speed
http://www.RadarDetector.org; The Mojo HD Cable TV Network interviews Radar Roy regarding his reviews of the various radar detectors and laser jammers on the market today.

Escort Redline vs Cobra ESD7570 radar detector
Testing the $38 Cobra ESD7570 detector against the top of the line Escort Redline against a fixed 34.7 Ka band speed sign. The Redline alerts at 2 miles (with multiple obstructions) vs Cobra at .4 miles (unobstructed, line of sight). In unobstructed areas, the Redline can pick up a signal at around 10 miles.

Escort SmartRadar Radar Detector Review by Radar Roy
http://www.RadarDetector.org - Is the radar detector hanging on your dashboard an invitation to thieves? I received 100's of emails each year from radar detector users who are shopping for a new detector because some methhead broke into their car and stole their dash mounted radar detector. The alternative to having your detector stolen was to either remove it each time you park or to invest in a more expensive remote mounted radar detector such as the Escort 9500ci or Bel STi R Plus. Now there is a new alternative SmartRadar from Escort Radar. SmartRadar is a hidden radar detector that looks like a toll transponder that affixes to the top of your windshield or sun visor that will provide you with out of sight high performance radar protection - http://youtu.be/H3YPnQR4Z10

Ultimate radar detector rage 4.5 miles 4 hills
Unbeatable radar detector range before 4 hills and 4.5 miles. Speechless. just watch. Best radar detector range ever recorded and published with real encounter

Navalert red light camera speed camera
http://www.navalert.com red light camera speed camera detector uses gps not radar

Sometimes a Radar Detector isnt Enough to Protect you from Very Selective Well Hidden IO Radar
Drivers new to radar detectors should be aware that these devices, despite claims by some, do not allow you to speed with impunity. Experienced drivers already know this. But be advised if you give into a false-sense of security with radar detectors or even other devices like laser jammers or passives like Veil, you may be setting yourself for a big disappointment down the road and it would be the fault of your equipment. Some of the most vulnerable times occur when you are the only one or one of a very few number of cars on the road. It is at these times that even the most sensitive radar detectors (like the Beltronics STi-R and Escort Passport 9500ci) wouldn't necessarily provide and advanced alert. Why? Simple. Because there is no vehicle close-enough ahead of you that may be being targeted, meaning your detector won't go off, because there is no radar to see. It is during these times, that you need to develop and perfect your skills at predicting spots that favor the traffic patrol officer. Often times if you are very attentive and develop your situational awareness, you can see the speed trap before you are actually targeted. In this particular encounter, it took me several passes to ultimately identify the location of the very very tricky and well-hidden patrol vehicle. I am specifically refraining from pointing the officer out. See how quickly you can spot him. Remember every millisecond counts. Good luck.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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