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Radar Detector that Detected my Detector...

Here I am cruising around in my corvette with a radar detector...


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Radar detector Before Sharp curve. Great Save!
Before a sharp curve. My detector alerted me before 0.8 mile from real stalker police radar encounter. Great save. %70 of

GPSmirror demonstration from Cheetah
Cheetah's GPSmirror operates as a stand alone GPS camera detector. It also uses Cheetah's Radar Datalink and Laser Datalink to control alerts from your own radar and laser systems if you choose to link them with the GPSmirror.

Police Caught Me With A Radar Detector
Unfortunate situation when I got busted with a radar detector causing me 3 demerit points, $170, and paralegal fees. It's definitely not worth it.

Dodge Charger with a Laser Jammer
This Dodge Charger has a Blinder Laser Jammer M25 on it. UPDATE: This is now the M27. You can get yours on my site at http://www.stealthoutmyride.com


Car Licence Plate Protective Screen
Car Radar Blocker

Radar Detector demo gone wrong...
I attempted to make a 9500i laser demo video, but my attempt was cut short when a guy decided to speed up and intervene...

Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Review By Need For Speed

Great Save from the V1 Radar Detector
V1 one has an awesome save with two cops running instant-on Ka radar!!!! Read the details here: http://www.radardetector.net/viewtopic.php?t=23048 The video shows you my concealed display...The detector is mounted high next to my rear view mirror. Here are some link for people to teach them selves about radar detectors. http://guysoflidar.com/faq.html http://guysoflidar.com/ http://www.radardetector.net/ http://www.valentine1.com/ http://www.radarbusters.com/ To those that think the V1 is too expensive your personal opinion but my V1 has paid itself off with in the first month I bought it. When I drove NY-CO in 24hours it was the detector I used. Now Radar detectors won't save you from laser guns but for laser guns I have a laser jammer on my car. My car is built for long road trips on the interstate with all the gadgets I got in it. When I get home for the summer I'll make a video of all the different things i have. If you are looking for a cheap radar detector that works well do NOT get a cobra get BEL, or Whistler. The BEL v955 is a great detector for only $179, It has got great performance. User 'radardetectorguys' Is the marketing department for Escort Radar, if you want the truth from a consumer talk to me

Radar Detector Escort Passport 9500i True Lock
World's best laser radar detector Escort Passport 9500 revolutionary GPS location technology intelligence voice alert locking out false signal

Radar Detector Laws
Watch the updated video of radar detector laws here: http://youtu.be/YAkin27H9rI

Ford GT Acceleration
Skip to 0:30 if you dont want to wait....Ford GT accelerating...it sits there for a little while but trust me it is 100% worth the wait.

Radar Detector Laws for the US and Canada
Video review of current radar and laser jammer laws for the USA and Canada Are you considering purchasing a radar detector and not sure if they are legal in your state or in area you will be driving? For the most part here in the USA you don’t have anything to worry about because the FCC passed a law called the communications act of 1934, which made it legal for you to own a radar detector throughout the USA. However there are exceptions, which I will explain now. Exception #1 - The commonwealth of Virginia and Washington DC prohibits radar detectors in all vehicles Exception #2 – All US Military bases have federal laws prohibiting the use of a radar detector while driving on base Exception #3 – Several Federal Parks including Yellowstone And finally exception #4, which prohibits radar detectors in all commercial vehicles weighing over 18,000 pounds. Now there are also two states that do prohibit you from mounting anything to your windshield, including a GPS or radar detector and those states are California and Minnesota. Now those of you who may be visiting our neighbor to the North or our Canadian visitors, Canada is not as radar detector friendly as the US as they only allow the use of a radar detector in the providences of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. So a question you maybe asking yourself about is how would an officer know if I have a radar detector if I’m driving in Virginia or a big rig? Well police use a device called a Spectre that is a radar detector detector that will alert an officer that a radar detector is within close proximity. This device will alert to virtually every radar detector ever made with the exception of 4 and those are the Escort REDLiNE, the Beltronics STi Magnum, the Beltronics STi Plus and the Passport 9500ci. These four radar detectors are all based on Escort’s M3 dual antenna design, which not only makes them 100% undetectable to all radar detectors, but also enables them to have extreme range. Now lets discuss California and Minnesota’s windshield mounting laws. The easiest way to conform to their laws is to Velcro your radar detector to your dash. However a better way is consider the BlendMount rearview mirror mounts that enable you to mount your Escort, Beltronics or Valentine One right to your mirror, making it easy to see and access. Next lets discuss the legal issues regarding radar jammers and/or scramblers. The FCC does have very harsh laws regarding radar jamming, which can result in a $50,000 fine and 5 years in prison. So now you maybe asking yourself how does that company Rocky Mountain Radar get away with selling their radar scramblers? Well simple, they don’t work as they advertise. In fact on my website RadarJammer.com I’ve offered a $50,000 reward since 2004 for anyone that can show me one of their devices that work as they advertise and I have not paid out a penny. Now their phony marketing practices have not gone un-noticed as there have been a number of news documentaries by 20/20, the Fox Network and CNBC which resulted in the FCC fining Rocky Mountain Radar $25,000. And last, lets review the laws regarding laser jamming. As laser is light and not radio waves laser jamming does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC but instead the Food and Drug Administration and currently there are no federal laws regarding laser jamming. However there are a number of states that have passed their own laws, which include: California, Colorado, Illinois , Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington D.C. Now in my article on how to install and use a laser jammer I go into much more detail on properly programming and using your laser jammer so you can avoid getting caught in these states. However the bottom line is to program it so it auto shuts off a few seconds after alerting you so you have time to slow down before the officer captures your speed. Also here on our website RadarBusters we also have a number of other articles you may find helpful in our help guides section like how to beat your ticket in court, how to properly use your radar detector and how to select the radar detector that is best for you. For more information about radar detector and laser jammer laws visit: http://www.radarbusters.com/State-Radar-Detector-and-Laser-Jammer-Laws-s/24 12.htm

playing with the cops at 210mph
Guy gives chases down the cops, flips around backwards on his bike and gives them a double dose

Laser jammer
Better video here, http://youtu.be/8u6olBmVLD4 Laser jammer in action

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