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Radar Detector that Detected my Detector...

Here I am cruising around in my corvette with a radar detector...


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Beat speeding fines with GPS
An Aussie farmer beats a speeding ticket with the aid of a GPS recevier

Radar detector Before Sharp curve. Great Save!
Before a sharp curve. My detector alerted me before 0.8 mile from real stalker police radar encounter. Great save. %70 of

GPSmirror demonstration from Cheetah
Cheetah's GPSmirror operates as a stand alone GPS camera detector. It also uses Cheetah's Radar Datalink and Laser Datalink to control alerts from your own radar and laser systems if you choose to link them with the GPSmirror.

Valentine 1 Identifies Two Different Cops From Over 2 Miles
Driving down alligator alley in South Florida, the V1 starts off beeping the Ka band and showing 1 signal ahead of me. V1 starts beeping around 78 miles on my trip computer with me traveling at aprox. 70mph. As I'm approaching the bogey the V1 signals a 2nd bogey has appeared. As the first bogey drives past (at 80 miles on my trip computer, so giving me 2 miles of notice while me and the cop were closing at 70mph towards each other) the V1 indicates the cop driving past me, but continues to show another signal still coming from ahead. Eventually the signal from the first cop weakens and the forward arrow starts to flash showing that the bogey ahead is the stronger signal. At 82 miles on my trip odometer (another 2 miles warning) a state trooper drives by. Without the arrows I might have thought I was still picking up that first cop and had a false 2 signal reading from the signal bouncing off other vehicles or something like that. There is no replacement for the arrows!

Driving on I-94 in Michigan towards Indiana State Line. What you hear on the video is me, reading the police radar frequency off my Beltronics STI Display, Ka 34.7, MI State Troopers are using Stalker Radar. Second clip I think the cop was using a handheld K-band Police Radar. Extremely useful to use an RD that allows you to read the police radar frequency, in this way you'll know right away which Ka-band alerts are real and which are false. Only high-end RDs do have this feature built-in. http://www.beltronics.com/ http://www.escortradar.com/ ALL Beltronics and Escort RDs are built in Mississauga (Toronto suburb), Ontario, Canada. And if you also have a CB Radio in your vehicle with a pretty good CB Antenna, feel free to let everybody around know where the cop with radar is located. Radar Detectors legal in 49 states out of 50. VA the only weird exception. Illegal in all trucks and most of the commercial vehicles over a certain weight. If you ever decide to get AND use a Radar Detector, get a professional one, V1 or Beltronics or Escort. Yes, not cheap but it's worth the investment. Drive safely.

Radar Detector demo gone wrong...
I attempted to make a 9500i laser demo video, but my attempt was cut short when a guy decided to speed up and intervene...

Escort Redline vs Cobra ESD7570 radar detector
Testing the $38 Cobra ESD7570 detector against the top of the line Escort Redline against a fixed 34.7 Ka band speed sign. The Redline alerts at 2 miles (with multiple obstructions) vs Cobra at .4 miles (unobstructed, line of sight). In unobstructed areas, the Redline can pick up a signal at around 10 miles. The point of this video is to show the two extremes in radar detector performance. A Cobra is better than nothing, if that is your budget. But what you won't get with that is a cop shooting instant-on radar from a hidden spot, shooting maybe every 30-60 seconds. With the Redline, you will pick up his distant shots before you are in his kill zone. The Cobra in that case will be too late to the party.

Great Save from the V1 Radar Detector
V1 one has an awesome save with two cops running instant-on Ka radar!!!! Read the details here: http://www.radardetector.net/viewtopic.php?t=23048 The video shows you my concealed display...The detector is mounted high next to my rear view mirror. Here are some link for people to teach them selves about radar detectors. http://guysoflidar.com/faq.html http://guysoflidar.com/ http://www.radardetector.net/ http://www.valentine1.com/ http://www.radarbusters.com/ To those that think the V1 is too expensive your personal opinion but my V1 has paid itself off with in the first month I bought it. When I drove NY-CO in 24hours it was the detector I used. Now Radar detectors won't save you from laser guns but for laser guns I have a laser jammer on my car. My car is built for long road trips on the interstate with all the gadgets I got in it. When I get home for the summer I'll make a video of all the different things i have. If you are looking for a cheap radar detector that works well do NOT get a cobra get BEL, or Whistler. The BEL v955 is a great detector for only $179, It has got great performance. User 'radardetectorguys' Is the marketing department for Escort Radar, if you want the truth from a consumer talk to me

Radar Detector Review - Need for Speed
Click Here to Watch the Updated 2014 Version of this video: http://youtu.be/vwMBSuSWj6Y

Radar Detector Laws
Watch the updated video of radar detector laws here: http://youtu.be/YAkin27H9rI

Best Radar Detector Reviews 2015
What are the best radar detectors for 2015? During this 4-minute video you’ll discover the three most important things when selecting your radar detector such as: Where do you live and drive – Where you live and drive is an important consideration when selecting the best radar detector for you. As an example if you live and/or frequently drive in Virginia or parts of Canada you will need a detector that is stealth to the Spectre RDD, such as the Escort REDLiNE. If you don’t live or drive in these areas, then you have two other considerations, do you drive mostly in the city or on the highway. If you’re a city driver then you would want a detector that has internal GPS to block out false alerts and have an photo enforcement database. Either the Passport or Passport Max2 would be good choices. If you’re a highway driver, then you would need to own a detector that has extreme range, like the Passport Max2 or the Escort REDLiNE. However, if you drive equal amounts on both highway and city, then you would want to select a detector that has both long range and GPS filtering, such as the Passport Max2. Next you will need to determine the features that are important to you in your selection of your radar detector. If you live and/or drive in an area where photo radar or red light cameras are used, you would want to select a detector that has an internal GPS photo enforcement database, like the Passport Max2. Escort Live is also a great feature to have, enabling your radar detector to share real time alerts with other radar detector users in your area. Both the Passport and the Passport Max2 have this feature already built in. Then your budget, how much can you afford to invest into your radar detector. The most affordable entry model radar detector is the Passport, which retails for $349. However if you can invest more, then the Passport Max2 is the best investment. Radar Roy is recognized around the world as a speed ticket tactics and product expert because of his radar detector and jammer reviews and videos and has been featured in numerous publications. To watch Roy’s other radar detector testing videos and his radar detector reviews visit his website at http://www.RadarBusters.com

How Police Radar Works
Ever wonder how they got you? Here's the way radar is used to clock your speed. Includes hand-held stationary radar, moving radar, Same Lane and Fastest Speed features used to single out a speeding car from the pack.

Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Review By Need For Speed

Police Caught Me With A Radar Detector
Unfortunate situation when I got busted with a radar detector causing me 3 demerit points, $170, and paralegal fees. It's definitely not worth it. FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SEEM TO THINK I'M FROM THE US I'M NOT, CANADA USES KM/H. Come on, use some common sense. And I'm sorry I didn't include that I'm from Canada, I didn't expect that ppl would be so ignorant as to what country I'm from.

X50 Radar detector demo
EscortX50 radar detector saving my butt.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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