Radar Detector that Detected my Detector...

Here I am cruising around in my corvette with a radar detector...

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photo radar blocker
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Trucker Versus Virginia State Police
UPDATE 4/4/12 : Just so everyone can rest a little easier, i removed the K-40 System that resulted in this traffic stop. So in reality, i have not divulged any information or given away my secrets. Watch as a daringly witty Car-Hauler out smarts Virginia State Police ! Make sure your volume is turned up to hear all the action !

Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Review By Need For Speed

Personally, I have found that I cannot listen to this bitch beep and yell at me all day. What I have learned is, if you want one that is actually decent, you have to pay the big bucks. Do not waste your time with the lower end models. Or else you will rage quit. Like me. This is the radar I was using and it sucks: https://www.cobra.com/products/spx/spx-7700 You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my BRZ, vlogs and everything else that I record and share with you. ► $50 off Ambit Wheels using “TJ_HUNT” at http://www.ambitwheels.com ►E and T Apparel: http://eandtapparel.spreadshirt.com ►Follow me on Instagram @tjhunt_ ►Follow me on WheelWell: https://www.wheelwell.com/brand/55775be1ec7accd27bbd77ff/ ►Follow me on Twitter @McTeeg Outro done Ryan Ruckuss: https://www.youtube.com/c/musclevstuner