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Radar Detector that Detected my Detector...

Here I am cruising around in my corvette with a radar detector...


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Cobra iRad200 Radar and Laser Detector | Android and iPhone Compatible w/ Bluetooth
The Cobra iRad200 radar detector integrates with your Android and iPhone Smartphone to give you a simple and easy to use radar detector that it is easy to control and customize. It alerts for speed traps and red light camera alerts. Cobra iRad200 Product Details - Cobra 360° Radar and Laser Detector for iPhone and Android - 360° Protection against all types of laser and radar - 14 band protection detects X-band, K-band, Ka-band, laser, POP mode, VG-2 and more - Download the free app and fine tune your system - Pairs with your Android or iPhone Smartphone using Bluetooth technology - AURA speed and red light camera database - Safety Alert feature warns of oncoming emergency vehicles and road hazards - Speedometer and compass keeps track of you location and speed Check it out here! http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_69884_Cobra-iRad200.html Check out the rest of our radar detectors here! http://www.sonicelectronix.com/cat_i652_radar-detectors.html


Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Review By Need For Speed
http://www.RadarDetector.org; The Mojo HD Cable TV Network interviews Radar Roy regarding his reviews of the various radar detectors and laser jammers on the market today.

Car Licence Plate Protective Screen
Car Radar Blocker

Police Caught Me With A Radar Detector
Unfortunate situation when I got busted with a radar detector causing me 3 demerit points, $170, and paralegal fees. It's definitely not worth it.

Beat speeding fines with GPS
An Aussie farmer beats a speeding ticket with the aid of a GPS recevier

Escort Passport 9500ix radar detects a police trooper
The radar work fine, but in my opinion it's lacking a longer range antenna. I used to have a Passport 8500 and to compare these two, the range seems like the same.....but 9500ix is a lot quieter which is what i needed

The Cobra iRadar Detection System
Detection Evolved. Cobra iRadar™ combines industry leading radar, laser and speed & red light camera detection technology with the power of the iPhone® to provide the most advanced, smart detection system available today. Using the iPhone's Bluetooth® wireless technology connection, Cobra iRadar enables you to view radar alerts, control settings, log alert history and be warned of upcoming speed and red-light cameras. iRadar is the most innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly detector device ever created. www.CobraiRadar.com

Radar Detector Laws
http://www.RadarDetector.org - Radar Roy discusses the laws concerning radar detectors and other speed counter measure devices. For more radar detector tips be sure to visit Roy on his radar detector review website at http://www.RadarRoysBuyersGuide.com

Great Save from the V1 Radar Detector
V1 one has an awesome save with two cops running instant-on Ka radar!!!! Read the details here: http://www.radardetector.net/viewtopic.php?t=23048 The video shows you my concealed display...The detector is mounted high next to my rear view mirror. Here are some link for people to teach them selves about radar detectors. http://guysoflidar.com/faq.html http://guysoflidar.com/ http://www.radardetector.net/ http://www.valentine1.com/ http://www.radarbusters.com/ To those that think the V1 is too expensive your personal opinion but my V1 has paid itself off with in the first month I bought it. When I drove NY-CO in 24hours it was the detector I used. Now Radar detectors won't save you from laser guns but for laser guns I have a laser jammer on my car. My car is built for long road trips on the interstate with all the gadgets I got in it. When I get home for the summer I'll make a video of all the different things i have. If you are looking for a cheap radar detector that works well do NOT get a cobra get BEL, or Whistler. The BEL v955 is a great detector for only $179, It has got great performance. User 'radardetectorguys' Is the marketing department for Escort Radar, if you want the truth from a consumer talk to me

Laser jammer
Better video here, http://youtu.be/8u6olBmVLD4 Laser jammer in action

Radar detector Before Sharp curve. Great Save!
Before a sharp curve. My detector alerted me before 0.8 mile from real stalker police radar encounter. Great save. %70 of

Stealth Cords - SRD 8" Radar Detector Cord Install
Stealth Cords replace those unsightly auto accessory power cords. Stealth Cords - Discrete Power Cords for the Automotive Enthusiast.

Driving on I-94 in Michigan towards Indiana State Line. What you hear on the video is me, reading the police radar frequency off my Beltronics STI Display, Ka 34.7, MI State Troopers are using Stalker Radar. Second clip I think the cop was using a handheld K-band Police Radar. Extremely useful to use an RD that allows you to read the police radar frequency, in this way you'll know right away which Ka-band alerts are real and which are false. Only high-end RDs do have this feature built-in. http://www.beltronics.com/ http://www.escortradar.com/ ALL Beltronics and Escort RDs are built in Mississauga (Toronto suburb), Ontario, Canada. And if you also have a CB Radio in your vehicle with a pretty good CB Antenna, feel free to let everybody around know where the cop with radar is located. Radar Detectors legal in 49 states out of 50. VA the only weird exception. Illegal in all trucks and most of the commercial vehicles over a certain weight. If you ever decide to get AND use a Radar Detector, get a professional one, V1 or Beltronics or Escort. Yes, not cheap but it's worth the investment. Drive safely.

Dodge Charger with a Laser Jammer
This Dodge Charger has a Blinder Laser Jammer M25 on it. UPDATE: This is now the M27. You can get yours on my site at http://www.stealthoutmyride.com

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