helmet cam drag race

on an outlaw 525 drag racing at little sandy raceway with a helmet cam

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Death of a Top Fuel Nitro Harley
New Season, First Pass, First Race, Fresh off the trailer 6.76ET 208MPH pass, The Wind pulls rider Steve Heidner off the bike.

Little Sandy Fall Nationals07

Ghilli man Draggin his helmet going fast
about 1 minute in I drag my helmet on the race track in a 10% banked corner in 3rd gear on my Predator gsxr 600. Dale from Racers Edge is filming and we were just playin on the track. Please do not try this and thanks to the race track for not kicking me out. "hint" they will normally kick u out

3.28 pass at Little Sandy Raceway
I ran a 3.286 @ 98.81 mph at Little Sandy Raceway during the 2013 Kentucky Nationals. With a 1.246 60 ft.