Street Race Bust

PT Cruiser was stock except for a CAI. The Sunfire, I have no idea...he drove by and threw us the finger so thats why we raced so we could give a finger back. All drivers were arrested as expected haha There was a total of 5 cops who came to the scene with their sirens because the cops thought that we were running from them. Apparently, the first cop was already after us for a previous race so he thought we intentionally were running. Well after all was said and done, I was left on the side of the road waiting for a friend to come get me :)

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07 Dodge Dakota 4.7L Performance Runs, 0-50, 0-95, 0-85, 15-58
** ** Check out my CarDomain page to see my Nitrous Setup!! Dodge Dakota 4.7L FlexFuel with some modifications. Since the video was made, I have ordered some new parts so I will be sure to post a new video once the parts come in! I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment!

2007 Dodge Dakota K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake System
**** Check out my CarDomain page to see the current setup with more mods including Nitrous! looking for videos about the 77 series CAI for an 05-07 Dodge Dakota, I have noticed that many did not contain an in-car sound. To counteract and help others who are possibly in the market for a CAI for this particular model of Dakotas, I posted this video. Sorry for the dark scene, but i'll be sure to try and make another during sunlight. I hope this video helps with your decision on a K&N CAI. As far as my input on this system, I am extremely satisfied. The sound is awesome and really rumbles as the RPM increases. horsepower gains are very noticeable as well.

street racing in philly, trapped by cops.
trapped by cops at holstien,police helicopter at begining of video.2006 94civic hatch with 98 b18b1 non vtec

street racing zero tolerance
Nat geo in Kent Washington on Street racing. Is your car in here???? One of my old cars is.I'm not the one driving it in this video i sold it after i stoped street racing.