Cool racing game (Ford Fairlane)

On our 15th wedding anniversary, we stopped by Chuck E. Cheese's with our kids and had some fun and games.

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Riding in a rare '46 Hudson
More information about this car will be added soon to this caption.

Chuck E. Cheese Racing
Me and my couzin racing at Chuck E. Cheese

Dead Heat Arcade - New York Race - FORD GT
Playing DEAD HEAT in Brazil (Belo Horizonte - MG) #AmazingDrive!!! =]

Chuck E. Cheese - H2Overdrive
Chuck E. Cheese - H2Overdrive Various of Arcade Games shown on Chuck E. Cheese. Since last year, nothing's really changed in my local Chuck E. Cheese. Same arcade games like last year. This was during around my Birthday recently on 2012. Though the Birthday is actually March 3rd, this was filmed on March 4th for an early performance. Created By: GameAtHeart Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX1 Partnership Distributed By: Machinima Introduction By: CommunityGame Intro Music: Luigi's Mansion Totaka's Song Credits By: CommunityGame