Cool racing game (Ford Fairlane)

On our 15th wedding anniversary, we stopped by Chuck E. Cheese's with our kids and had some fun and games.

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Chuck E. Cheese Racing
Me and my couzin racing at Chuck E. Cheese

ford racing full blown arcade racer (arcade pc ) 2017 1080p
wow desktops all screwy sorry bout that just checking usb joy was connected Ford racing has been dumped, it opens and goes into attract mode however controls don't work so… yeah, supposedly controls are done over usb instead of JVS but i've tried an xbox 360 controller with no luck Controls: Space - Start Enter - Select menu item Download:!JiYXyS7L!a1N-n7vkWEVELM8KAQwsTjX-hGT2NCd2ZS8ZgsFLbSU Engelbert Humperdinck Australia 04/13/17 (Thu) 16:47:19 2335 (OP) yeah i try dis ting & tis crashing, yo have some gamplan 4 me ? Engelbert Humperdinck Australia 04/13/17 (Thu) 17:08:29 CrispX Portugal 04/13/17 (Thu) 18:54:32 No.2339 Just a taste… Challenger United States 04/13/17 (Thu) 23:10:34 No.2342 Thank you :) runs on 8.1 here. hopefully controls are figured out uk arcades (You) United Kingdom 04/14/17 (Fri) 11:10:22 No.2344 ive tried USB logitech joystick nothing :(

Sponge Bob Squarepants Bikini Bottom Bowling Video Game at Chuck E Cheese

Sega Arcade - Ford Racing - Full Blown
Sega's new arcade game: Ford Racing - Full Blown