Cool racing game (Ford Fairlane)

On our 15th wedding anniversary, we stopped by Chuck E. Cheese's with our kids and had some fun and games.

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Chuck E. Cheese Racing
Me and my couzin racing at Chuck E. Cheese

ford racing full blown arcade racer sega 2016 0.56s out of time :(
god i remember this racer its so bad the ffb is stupid controls are unpredictiable and jerk off road and the gfx are pre ps2 looking see it in hd looks so dated :L

Angry Birds went to Chuck E Cheese
The birds are going to Chuck E Cheese to win tickets and prizes. UPDATE: Wow, I cant believe this video reach a million views, I didnt know its so popular. Music used: Banjo Kazooie Treasure Trove Cove, I do not own this music

Top 5 Best Android Moto Racing Games 2014 (HD)
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