SEASON 2012-2013 3 years ago, an idea came to a group of mechanical engineers from VIT University. The young engineers realized that they are the future of Indian Engineering and making race cars was how they would express it.

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Pravega Racing
Me driving car no. 54 at FSG 2014 - Hockenheim

NUS FSAE production video done by me. Visit us at: Credits: Soundtrack by The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days Done in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop

Racing Dynamics 201 - How a Car Turns
Not your father's engineering discourse: How a Car Turns - a simple question on the surface, but very multi-layered in execution. Dyson drivers and engineers provide insight that is both detailed and illuminatingly simple. For example, did you know that the contact patch of a P1 race tire is the size of a size ten tennis shoe? Prototypes such as the Mazda Lola B12/66 rely on a number of tools to help the car rotate through a corner. A distillation of decades of driving and engineering experience is provided in this video: race engineer Vince Wood describes the importance of aero balance and how to improve lap times by working on mechanical grip. Dyson drivers Guy Smith, Chris Dyson and Butch Leitzinger talk about the feel behind the wheel and working to get a setup that gives them the confidence to push the car at the limit. Michelin's Technical Director Ken Payne provides insight on just how much is asked of the car's tires while Dyson's Scott Halupke talks about finding speed through differential settings.

Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Racing
Extreme Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Shoot Out. Let her Rip