Big Truck Crash

An eighteen-wheeler drives under a low bridge in downtown N. Little Rock Arkansas, shearing off the top and buckling the trailer.

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ABS24 Abschlepp- & Bergevideo - Bergung MAN TGA Tanneben im Sellrain - MAN rescue after crash
Bergung eines MAN TGA mit 16 Tonnen Gewicht, in Tanneben im Sellrain. MAN TGA Truck rescue after crash in austria.

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Unbelievable Accidents in Xiamen Min Road

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Hornets Attack Idiot
Wasps on the attack after getting sprayed with chemicals. Slow motion at the end where you can see how fast the wasps came at me, sorry for the quality because I know you people will bitch, but it was filmed with a little panasonic digital photo camera not a regular video camera.