C6 Z06 Cammed Corvette at Idle

2006 Z06 .238 / .248 Cam Idle Clip

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Blacked Out Z06 C6 Vette
2007 C6 Z06 Black on Black on Black Mods; Spyder Wheels 18,19 GS Custom Markers GS Custom Tail Light Covers Emblem Blackout Mild to Wild Exhaust Mod HID fog lights Lowered all the way down on factory bolts

Nasty Sounding Cammed Corvettes Compilation
Thanks to everyone for sending these clips in to make this video. Some of the other videos i got off different corvette forums and websites that gave me permission to do so. Enjoy the video!!

Cammed Z06 Headers, no cats, straight pipes
made some turndowns real quick to play with the car for a day before my corsa catback arrives ... i do not plan to have this like this for long, its to loud and a headache machine .. but wow dose it sound good, you can hear the car up to 5+ miles away when WOT, proven lol Custom race proven motorsports cam, American Racing headers with xpipe and turn downs no cats..

Y2kvert4me G5X4 Cam -Evil Idle
Y2kvert4me G5X4 Cam & headers on Millennium Yellow Coupe - Evil Idle