Corsa x-Pipe on a 2011 Mustang GT

First engine-Exhaust Mod. Xtreme axle backs are next

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Corsa Exhaust Review - Ford Mustang X-Pipe
This is my initial review of the Corsa Exhaust system. I did the video and compared the standard Exhaust. I have to say, I'm glad I ordered the sport. Because it is pretty aggressive. I love it, and in typical Corsa manner, there is no "drone". And that's the one reason, that I have a Corsa Exhaust on my SRT8 Magnum. The installation was straight-forward, the quality of the parts and the metal was extraordinary, the fit was perfect and just the little things I noticed. If you look down on the bumper, what they've done is that they've made the lip of the Exhaust exactly match the angle of the bumper, so you have this slightly offset look. It's in terms of the cut both horizontally and vertically, it has a nice edgy appearance to it. And I think that's really hot.

2011 mustang GT Kooks catback
This is ProDyno's 2011 5.0 GT with Kook's 3" catback system.

2011 Mustang GT Corsa Xtreme and BBK x-pipe
Corsa xtreme axle back, bbk x-pipe and resonator delete. Revs up to 6800 rpm. Just came back from a 30 min. drive and wanted to make a new clip with current mods. Recorded with iphone 4.

Corsa X-pipe install
My solo effort to bolt in a new Corsa X pipe for the 2011 Mustang GT