BMW WaterPump : OLD - NEW Diagnosis /// 330i (E46)

BMW E46 330i M54 motor Waterpump Old to New Review

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Electronic Water Pump Air Bubble Removal BMW E90 E93 E92 E91 E46
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Justin's Bagged E46 | Stance
Bagged BMW E46. Stanced. Stance whatever all that stuff...

How to hold the water pump pulley still with no "Special tools". BMW 3 & 5 Series (more?)
How to remove the fan clutch bolt from the water pump without having to buy crap from ebay or borrow from Autozone. Two channel lock pliers and the room to do it. Was made easy with the 3 fan screws removed and then the blades / shroud but not sure if you can do this without removing that. Radiator can be removed in 10 minutes so didn't matter. AC removed and radiator - redoing whole front end and after tons of worthless suggestions online I decided to share my method. The PULLEY ON THE PUMP IS PLASTIC SO DONT USE HULK GRIP- you will bust it. Used the thermostat housing as a spot to let the pliers hit when the pulley rotated so all you have to do is grip the pulley and let it hit the thermostat house and doesn't move. Replacing fan sensor with 80c , thermostat / 80c and going electric fan with dual row radiator. nothing but airflow and coolant flow with ac condenser removed and its going to have the top down all summer so no worries here. Last owner put tap water in and corroded the coolant flow areas but will be fine when done.

BMW 325i fuel pump replacement
This covers the fuel pump replacement on the BMW 3 series,they are pretty simple and easy to replace. The complete replacements part number is 67896 and that's a oem Bosch this is a plug and play unit. And part number for just the pump only is a Bosch 69497 you will have to install this into the actual housing before you can even use this pump. For more How to and diy videos subscribe today!