Grand National vs C4 Corvette

My dad's 87 GN on the pump gas, low Boost tune, still sorting out some issues vs a semi built c4 Corvette at the Beaverun Flashlight Drags

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C4 vs C6 Corvette
This is my '96 vette up against a C6. I really expected him to catch me at the line but it didn't happen. It was probably a lucky win but I'll take it.

Grand Sport vs Grand National
corvette grand sport vs buick grand national. Music: The Glitch Mob-Animus Vox"

1995 C4 Corvette Restoration: Maiden Run after 4 years. - Pt 4
After diagnosing the problem to no fuel pressure, I replaced the fuel pump. One lesson learned is not to spray it down with degreaser then spray it off before debugging the car. However, I was able to find some disconnected vacuum lines in the process.

C4 Corvette vs Nissan GTR
First drag race in the Corvette.. sand bagged the last 150ft to get above a 13.99 so I wouldn't get kicked off the track for not having a helmet.