Grand Prix GTP Tear Down Explained/Port and Polish

My Grand Prix GTP torn down and Im going to show you how easy it is to pick up to HP and more TQ! Cut your ET! Fully explained video and function of our 3.8L's and how to make more POWER! From the throttle body down to the Intake manifold, the entire intake explained!

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98 GTP High Lift Cam Build
This is a video following the Rebuild that i started in June 2010 and finished Sept. 2010

L67 m90 supercharger porting one o one ( part 1-3)
This is one way you can port a m90 Supercharger outlet.

Turning Up The Boost On The Grand Prix GTP
Whats up guys, i know its been a while. Just wanted to let you guys know whats going on, and some future plans for this car. Thanks for watching!!! Follow me on instagram @Boosted_buckets

Port and Polish your 3.8L!! Crash Course and How to's
Major things you will encounter when doing an entire port and polish job... it much easier than you think!