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Iñaki Alberdi Tribute - The Driver Who Creates Rally Fans - Vol.2
The second volume of my homage to one of the most spectacular and fast drivers of the Basque Country. Iñaki Alberdi continues with a masterclass of how to drive all type of cars: RWD (Escort Mk2, BMW M3, Porsche 996), FWD (Megane Maxi, Ibiza KC) or AWD (Escort WRC, Toyota Celica). Of course, always with the help of his brave co-driver Jorge del Cid. I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Arkaitz Otegi, Andoni Arrieta and Ibon Sarasua for sharing their footage for this compilation. Subscribe for exclusive content: Follow us in Facebook,Twitter & Google+:

Alguns bons momentos de rally
Aqui ficam alguns dos melhores momentos de rally..

Sail-Awolnation Feat. Mad Mike
Just another video I've been paying with. Far from being a final edit. Enjoy until its taken down :)

[Rally]-Tributo al fantastico mondo dei Rally