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Homenajes a pilotos fallecidos "tribute".wmv
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Txus Jaio Tribute - The Personification of Maximum Attack - Vol.1
Subscribe for exclusive content: This is my personal tribute to one of the most beloved and successful Basque drivers. Txus Jaio (Markina-Xemein, Basque Country, 1975/06/12) won two times the Spanish gravel rally championship but then Ford Motorsport cut the money supply and left this amazing driver alone. Being a humble construction worker he wasn't able to afford a first level car so, finally, he left the championship. Other drivers probably withdraw from motorsport but his passion was so intense that bought an old BMW and started delighting the fans in the Basque Championships. Thanks to Ibon Sarasua, Andoni Arrieta and Arkaitz Otegi for sharing their footage for this compilation. Follow us in Facebook,Twitter & Google+:

Iñaki Alberdi Tribute - The Driver Who Creates Rally Fans - Vol.2
The second volume of my homage to one of the most spectacular and fast drivers of the Basque Country. Iñaki Alberdi continues with a masterclass of how to drive all type of cars: RWD (Escort Mk2, BMW M3, Porsche 996), FWD (Megane Maxi, Ibiza KC) or AWD (Escort WRC, Toyota Celica). Of course, always with the help of his brave co-driver Jorge del Cid. I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Arkaitz Otegi, Andoni Arrieta and Ibon Sarasua for sharing their footage for this compilation. Subscribe for exclusive content: Follow us in Facebook,Twitter & Google+:

Homenaje pilotos fallecidos / Tribute to death pilots
Fotograma homenaje a los pilotos y coplitos fallecidos en la disputa de rallyes, pruebas de montaña o reconocimientos.