Airhead Parts Treffen 14 Cruise - Humboldt County

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VW Drag Cal Look 65 By Grillos Racing 1915cc
VW Drag Cal Look 1965 By Grillos Racing Mexico (C.D.P)

Treffen X
First two days of the Treffen, cut in with a Party Ben mix of music.

Peninsula Automotive 12th Annual VW Jam carshow Engine Blow
Another fun Peninsula Automotive 12th Annual VW Jam car show held on September 9, 2012 in Campbell, CA (San Jose/Silicon Valley area). This time, the engine didn't last as long as last years engine blow, the #3 connecting rod punched through the top of the case just below the doghouse oil cooler.

Volkswagen 2016 MIB II with TomTom + Apple CarPlay
This is a 2016 Volkswagen Golf R (the first sold in New Hampshire, USA). In this video, I'll review the basic Infotainment system with a focus on Apple CarPlay.