Airhead Parts Treffen 14 Cruise - Humboldt County

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Treffen15 surfrider airhead parts cruise MX

treffen 14
Airhead Parts KGPR 2012 1000 Miles Cruise - Hwy 1 Portland to Ventura Aug 2012. This is along Hwy 1/101 South of Pismo Beach on the way to Solvang Camera is (V.I.O. POV.HD)

Treffen Cruise 2012 Comes Through GoWesty
Just a little clip of the Treffen Cruise 2012 during their pit stop at GoWesty in Los Osos, CA. The Treffen Cruise happens annually for VW aircooled enthusiasts. They start in Portland, OR and travel just about 1,000 miles down the coast, all the way to Oxnard, CA.

Treffen X
First two days of the Treffen, cut in with a Party Ben mix of music.