Airhead Parts Treffen 14 Cruise - Humboldt County

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Vanwest 2011 - Show, Cruise & Beach - Long but worth it
Van West 2011 pics from the show and film from the MASSIVE cruise. Awesome weekend, watch through to the end and enjoy :-) Uploaded again, fixed the volume on the 3rd track, enjoy the Phunkfish more.

treffen 14
Airhead Parts KGPR 2012 1000 Miles Cruise - Hwy 1 Portland to Ventura Aug 2012. This is along Hwy 1/101 South of Pismo Beach on the way to Solvang Camera is (V.I.O. POV.HD)

Treffen X
First two days of the Treffen, cut in with a Party Ben mix of music.

Lazy Syncro Sunday
Exploring some farmland near my house in a 1990 Syncro Vanagon. Exterior shots start at 1:48. Nothing that aggressive - just taking it easy.