Mercedes 500 AMG V8

Mercedes 500 SEC AMG, V8, 1982

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Isparta 1982 Mercedes 500 sec V8 5000cc

500 SEC
Mercedes Benz 500 SEC, C126, Bj. 1991, V8, 252 PS Musik: lazztunes07 beeKoo_mix, CC-BY 3.0

1984 500 SEC AMG cruising
1984 500SEC

500SEC V8 Driving Video
Made this video to see if any benz guys can see anything unusual about my cars behaviour as i have had tuning problems since the day i got it, but i thought i might aswell make the video good to watch also... Although i don't think i actually went foot to the floor in the video. For anyone who doesn't know, The car blows black smoke on startup and often has to crank a few times to start, is quite sluggy on acceleration despite a 3.46 LSD diff, leans out under load at about 15:1 AFR. The car has low K's, the 5 litre motor in mine is rated at 195kw at the fly, last Dyno showed only 118 kw at the wheels...