C6 Z06 vs. CL65 AMG

Made in Mexico.

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Corvette Z06 vs. Stage 3 Mercedes E55 AMG
Good runs with a friend... First Race with the E55: http://www.youtube.com/user/c32amgftw#p/u/11/nHsjTybs5Ug Starts at 2:50

C5 Z06 N20 vs CL65 Modded Part 2
This is not my Vette. 60mph roll. C5 Z06 heads/cam 150 shot 4.10's. CL65 filters, stage 2 tune, full Exhaust and ice reservoir. 200 lb passenger in C5 Z06

CL65 AMG vs Vette Z06
rolling with a corvette c5 and we come across some dude in a black CL65 back and forth the merc looked like it wanted to test the vette but litte did he know this beast was supercharged to the bone:) a few seconds after we went under the bridge the vette topped speeds close to 120mph dont fuck with highway vettes kids.

Mercedes CL65 AMG Evotech vs Mclaren SLR
Stock SLR 626 hp vs Evotech CL65 AMG 680 hp