Toyota GT-ONE Race Car (TS020) '99

Video and description of the 1999 Toyota GT-ONE Race Car (TS020) GT5-0946 1 0 3 1 . . . C A R . . . P R O J E C T . . . . . . . . Subscribe and follow along as all 1031 cars of GT5 are taken out for a ride on the Mt. Aso test track. Real time project status can be viewed right here on Youtube. See channel page for details.

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1999 - Le Mans - Ukyo Katayama's puncture
The Japanese crew (Ukyo Katayama, Keiichi Tsuchiya and Toshino Suzuki) Toyota GT One is stuck behind Thomas Bscher in his own BMW V12 LM98 and is having trouble getting past. It is involved in its own battle (and probably isn't keen to let the Toyota through) At exactly 3.06pm, Katayama's left rear tyre has blown on the way into Indianapolis. It is now coming in very slowly, but it is probably too soon to try and run through from this stop. There doesn't appear to be much damage though so they might be able to get it through. They are in the pits and the 52 Viper is coming in. It will park just in front of them and the BMW has just gone through to force the Toyota to lose a lap. Meanwhile the Toyota crew have got the bodywork off and are now tiewrapping it back. Having just seen a rerun of the tyre blowout, how Katayama held it out of the Armco is anyone's guess. And the BMW is about to come round again, while they try to reattach the bodywork. Right rear pin won't secure properly but he goes back out to try and catch up. This may turn out to be the decisive moment of the race.

560hp GT-R vs MUSCLE - Cali Street Racing
We were invited to a daytime street race event out in the boonies of California to hang out and street race all day long. One car that was willing to throw down with anyone was this bolt-ons GT-R from the Bay Area. The street wasn't hooking the greatest at times, giving this GT-R quite the advantage. Credits Song: Farewell - Pete Masitti -

GT5 24h Le Mans Chaos (B-Spec)
I'd set up a challenging 24h race using the Audi R10 (Stealth) with no turbo enabled. Around 12hrs in things were looking a little tough, but not impossible. I was 2 laps down and Bob was in need of some pushing! I'd had to go out for about an hour, and when i came back it'd started raining, but not only that i was now 4 laps down and there were cars flying off everywhere... yes, EVERYWHERE! For some reason everyone was sticking to Medium slicks, after a lap it just didnt seem to make any sense, and constant 'slow down' was no use because they'd build up too much speed to slow down for the corner. So i sent my guy into the pit for inters, and this video shows the rest from there. Notice Bob keeps telling me he wants to pit, he thinks slicks are best, all the other drivers are happy on their mediums. I also switch to the BMW V10 LMR towards the end, for some reason during all of this he was pitting every lap, and always putting on medium slicks. This went on for about 2hrs AFTER the rain had stopped. I've done about 6 24h races so far, and this is the first time ive seen anything like this, and they've all included random weather conditions and the AI have always been very smart in identifying the right move, what happened here is beyond me. But being 4 laps behind this actually helped me get back into the battle, it gave me about 2 laps back before slicks were the right choice (and the AI became competitive again) and with 5hrs left on the clock im swapping the lead quite frequently due to pitting differences. Its certainly been the battle/challenge I was looking for.

Ultimate Racing Crash Compilation [HD] #1
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